As concerns are being raised about Fibre-Optic cabling for broadband being the ‘backhaul’ for 5G, as well as issues with fibre-optic connections to existing systems causing electromagnetic interference (EMI), and already affecting some people adversely,  should we really be advocating fibre-optic as a “safe” technology or a “safe” alternative to 5G?

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Why Do Fiber Optic Installations Increase Electrical Sensitivity? EMFAnalysis

Fiber Broadband and Small Cells: An Unholy Municipal Alliance

“As a science writer with two books on technology’s affects to biology, particularly infrastructure, I used to advocate for “fiber-to-the-premises”— meaning fiber optic cable, 100 percent wired to-the-home, without a mobile wireless component, preferably municipally owned over which various communications providers could “compete” for fixed services like Internet, communications and entertainment. (That should be our national model.) But that train left the station several years ago when fiber was hijacked for “backhaul” by the current feverish small-cell zeitgeist in the name of ubiquitous connectivity for fourth generation (4G/4GLTE smart phones) and eventually 5G Internet of Things (IoT) machine-to-machine technology.”


Arthur Firstenberg : “Contrary to what people are saying, the solution is not fibre optic cable”

Siro (a joint venture between Eir and Vodafone) are installing what they call 100% Fibre to the Home FTTH.  While this might sound like safe broadband,  it comes through the electrical box to the home, and may result in dirty electricity.  Any fibre optic cable can also be used to install 5G antennae.

What industry say about Fibre-Optic :

Full-fibre is the secret ingredient behind 5G success – Mikael Sandberg, Chairman, VXFIBER, reveals why fibre-optic roll out is essential for 5G to succeed.

5G wireless needs fiber, and lots of it – ‘…5G’s formidable network performance goals are heavily predicated on the availability of fiber, and lots of it, to cell sites

The Role Of Fibre Optic Cables In Shaping Smart Cities – ‘Broadly, fibre optic is a fundamental player in improving the quality of life in cities while helping them reshape into smart cities today.’

The role of fiber in 5G networks

Fibre Optic Networks are Key to Upcoming 5G Deployment




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