CHD V. FCC Press Conference USA: Evidentiary Brief Filing – WIRELESS HARM. Please watch and share

Wireless Harm

“It’s an invisible poison that’s hurting our children, devastating families and turning a large number of innocent people into homeless refugees with nowhere to go.  They can not function in society, they can’t go in public and they can’t even stay at home. 

They are being sacrificed for the convenience of everyone else. “

Scott McCollough, attorney at Children’s Health Defence

“The refusal to recognize that real people — those the FCC is required to protect — are suffering, and the withholding of any promise of relief clearly violated its responsibilities … was an abuse of discretion. The commission owed an apology but delivered a gut-punch.”


Press Conference  – Dafna Tachover, Robert F Kennedy Jr, Scott McCollough and Prof David Carpenter.



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