June 16, 2023 : World EHS Day – World Day of Intolerance to Electromagnetic Pollution


Thank you to Coeurs d’EHS, France, for once again organising the annual EHS Day, this being the 6th year. 


EHS Day is officially underway! Find in this article ideas, tips and posters to participate.

Please send your photos and press articles to contact@coeursdehs.fr 
so that we can report on the event!

On June 16th, the 6th edition of the World Day of Intolerance to Electromagnetic Pollution will take place, so renamed in order to clearly understand that electro-hypersensitive people (EHS) have become so because of an ultra-polluted environment.

For more information go to: http://coeursdehs.fr/june-16-2023-world-ehs-day-world-day-of-intolerance-to-electromagnetic-pollution/

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