About Us

ES-Ireland is a voluntary non-profit group comprised mainly of people suffering the ill effects of RF/EMF as well as concerned parents and citizens.

Originally named Irish Electromagnetic Radiation Victims Network (IERVN), it was set up in the late 1990s to highlight and campaign for the rights of people in Ireland experiencing adverse health effects from nearby mobile masts.

This website is dedicated to providing information and support for people who have become ill from EMF/RF/WIFI radiation, and also to educate and provide information to the public about the implications to everyone’s health, particularly children, the elderly and vulnerable persons.

We are not anti-technology but are pro-safe technology and believe that everyone has the right to know that there are safer ways to access the internet or use and enjoy technology that is less harmful to our health and the environment.

This website was created and is maintained using a wired internet connection.

ES-Ireland is not affiliated to any political parties or other organisations in Ireland, or facebook pages.

ES-Ireland is a member of the European Citizens Initiative and the European Co-ordination of Organizations for a Regulation of Electromagnetic Field (EMF) exposure, which Truly Protects Public Health.