Almost Every Aspect of My Life is Impacted – CARA

Location – Dublin

When did you first start to develop EHS/Microwave sickness, or make the link that your symptoms were caused by RF/EMFs?

In the mid-2000s, I started to feel discomfort, dizziness and a burning on the side of my head whenever I was talking on my mobile phone.  I then rarely used it for calls preferring to text, but even using it on loudspeaker with the phone away from me was painful so I  stopped using it.  I got similar effects when using the home cordless phone, and couldn’t bear to use it.  I already had health problems for some years, having been diagnosed with fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue syndrome/ME around 1998.

When cafes and libraries first installed WiFi, I would feel similar nausea, and a build-up of pressure and heat in my head after a short time, often leading to a nosebleed. As time went on, I got worse. I felt unwell in certain places and would then discover there was mobile phone mast or antennae nearby.  Now I can’t even be a few yards from a smart phone or wifi router without feeling prickling head and pressure pain in my head. I am also affected by electric and magnetic fields from electrical appliances, but less so.  I have to limit my time even on a hardwired computer and landline phone.

I now believe that my initial ME and fibromyalgia were most likely as a result of working in a bank where I would spend 8 hours a day on a very large cheque processing machine (high electric and magnetic fields), on computers and under fluorescent lights.

What are your symptoms?   

Acute symptoms when near a source of RF/EMF include nausea and heat, burning and prickling heat on my face and head, build-up of pressure and vice-like sensations in the back of my head and neck, dizziness, agitation, irritability, inability to think, heart palpitations.   It is very difficult to describe but in an area of high radiation for a while, I feel more than pain – it’s an overwhelming, extremely uncomfortable and distressing feeling – like my head is going to explode –  I just have to get away from the source as quickly as possible.  When I do, my symptoms subside.

Chronic  and knock-on effects include headaches, migraines, sinus problems, difficulty sleeping, under-active thyroid, auditory imbalances – microwave hearing (hum and infra-sound), dizziness, difficulty concentrating, misophonia, multiple chemical sensitivities (nausea and headache from perfumes, washing powders, chemicals etc) – which is common for people with EHS to develop (and visa-versa), increased overall pain and anxiety.  I can no longer deal with bright or flashing lights or loud and persistent noises.

How does it affect your life on a day-to-day basis – home, work, socially?

I am unable to work, go shopping, socialise, use public transport or even visit family and friends in their homes. Most of my home is shielded from nearby mobile phone antennae and neighbours’ wifi, cordless phones and smart devices so this is where I spend most days. Even spending time in my own garden is limited.

The only places I feel good are areas with little or no mobile coverage or other sources of RF/EMF so I travel to a forest half an hour away from home where there is no mobile phone coverage when I can

Traveling anywhere means being bombarded by wireless signals from phone masts and devices in other cars, so I  have to cover my head and upper body with 3 layers or RF shielding material.  I hate having to do this as I feel very self-conscious, but I have little choice.

I struggle to visit the doctor, as the surgery has WiFi and is near a mobile phone mast. I can’t go to the dentist.  I need to attend a chiropractor regularly and feel WiFi and smart devices immediately but thankfully the appointment is quick.

I have been unable to attend any social gathering, weddings of family and friends, and even funerals in the last 4 years.

What changes have you had to make in your life to reduce your exposure to RF/EMF radiation (eg, moving house, leaving work, shielding)?

We have covered most of the rooms in our home with shielding paint and material, which blocks out most of the radiation coming from outside sources (including 16 WiFi signals from our neighbours, tetra and recently erected 4G antennae).

I moved to a remote part of the country for a while a few years but it was extremely difficult and isolating. The following year I rented a house in a less remote rural area which had very low mobile phone coverage and I generally felt much better. However, the house was sold over a year later, so I moved back to Dublin with the intention of finding another place nearby.  Soon after I left, a 4G mast was erected near the village. It is difficult to now find somewhere affordable and suitable in Ireland that has little or no RF/EMFs and not be isolated.

I don’t use a mobile phone and have never had WiFi in the home.  Our computer is hardwired.  We have no smart devices.  I can’t spend long talking on the landline.

We don’t use CFL or LED lights.

How do your family and friends, and others, respond to your situation?

Family and friends are supportive and respect my requests not to have their phones or devices when around me. I think most of them understand the basics of EHS, but I tend to feel uncomfortable talking about it because when I first started to feel the effects, some people expressed disbelief.

I still got the odd stupid, ignorant comment from other people.

While my family and friends accept that I am affected by phones and WiFi etc, most of them generally do not want to hear that this radiation is also damaging to everyone’s health, and could very well be contributing to their own (and their children’s) existing and future health problems. That conversation is usually shut down quite quickly!

In particular I believe one member of my family’s health problems are exacerbated by WiFi installed in their home.

My social circle has become much smaller since developing EHS, not helped in the last few years by my increasing sensitivity to perfumes and fragrances.

I have a very supportive partner who has done all of the shielding in the house and understands the nature of RF/EMFs and effects on the body. I am also in contact with many other  supportive EHS sufferers – we all know what each other is going through.

How does your doctor respond to your situation?

He knows a little about EHS as he has done some research. There isn’t much he can do except advise that I avoid exposure.  He is better than most doctors I’ve heard of who dismiss EHS without even bothering to do any research.

What do you think our government and decision makers should do?

Stop ignoring us, lying to us and denying us our human rights.   Provide grants for shielding our homes, and designate “White Zones” in the country for EHS sufferers to either live in or use as a badly needed respite, as requested for nearly 20 years.  Stop pandering to the industry and recognise that EHS/microwave sickness is a real condition caused by exposure to RF/EMF radiation

How do you feel about the roll-out of further 4G, 5G, smart meters and LED street lighting in your area and across the country?

Appalled and terrified.  The companies and the government are complicit in causing damage to our health and environment, and many more people will be affected.

Life is already extremely challenging and painful for many with EHS.  It will soon be difficult to escape from and shield against, and the levels of pulsed radiation will be almost impossible for some of us to bear.

Anything else you would like to say?

Children need to be protected from wireless radiation. They should have limited access to smart devices, there should be no wifi in schools and no mobile phone masts or antennae near homes, schools or hospitals.

Painting the rooms with Y-Shield Shielding Paint