Campaigns Groups

Various Ireland Based Information Pages and Campaigns against 5G and EMFs

Wireless Technologies Awareness Kinvara

Wifi in Schools Awareness

Parents For Safe Technology Ireland

Stop 5G Waterford

Stop 5G Wexford

Stop 5G Connaught & Leinster

5G Awareness Donegal

Stop 5G Enniscrone

5G Wi-fi awareness Galway

Stop 5G Wicklow

Halt 5G Gorey

Stop 5G Ireland

Stop 5G Louth

5G Awareness Dungarvan and An Rinn

Stop 5G Dublin

Stop 5G Dingle

Stop 5G Roscommon

Stop 5G Science and Education

Smarter EMF

Stop 5G Clare

Stop 5G Kinsale and surrounding villages

Stop the Mast in Rathvilly

Ireland says no to 5G

5G awareness Ireland

Wired Atlantic Way

Stop 5G Limerick

Limerick against 5G

Halt 5G in the UK & Ireland

No Smart Meters Ireland

Save Ireland’s Trees

No 5G Northern Ireland

Protect Northern Ireland from 5G

Stop 5G Northern Ireland


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