The Southern Star – 2/9/19 – Irish should not be ‘5G guinea pigs’ if Belgians aren’t, meeting is told https://www.southernstar.ie/news/roundup/articles/2019/09/02/4179037-irish-should-not-be-5g-guinea-pigs-if-belgians-arent-meeting-is-told/

Leitrim Observer – 6/9/19 – Councillors opposed to the ‘dangers’ of 5G. Call to invoke the precautionary principle https://www.leitrimobserver.ie/news/home/476112/councillors-opposed-to-the-dangers-of-5g.html

Waterford Today – 28/8/19 – Very Strong Risk Evidence 5G is Radiation Risk

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Clare Echo – 25/7/19 – Why I’m Opposing the Roll-out of 5G, Cllr Clare Colloran Molloy

Leitrim Observer – 4/7/19 Call for Leitrim County Council to Oppose 5G  Roll-out

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