Cordless Phones

cordless phoneAll modern  cordless phones emit a similar type of pulsed microwave radiation to  mobile phones. They are known as DECT – Digital Enhanced Cordless Telecommunications. Microwave radiation emissions are very high from the base unit and the phone itself. These base stations emit their radiation even when the phone is not in use.  The base units emit microwaves continuously 24 hours a day as long as they are plugged in. Cordless phones are therefore not a safe option to have in your home or workplace.  

A cordless phone is effectively a mobile phone, and its base is like a mobile phone mast in your house or office. If you must use one, keep the base unit and remove extra handsets away from where you sit or sleep, and most importantly away from children and babies. The radiation from base and handset penetrates through walls so unplugging or removing altogether is the safest option.   People may also be unaware of neighbours using cordless phones whose pulses penetrate right through walls. 

Evaluation of Mobile Phone and Cordless Phone Use and Glioma Risk  – M Carberg & L Hardell Dept of Oncology, Sweden – March 2017

Cordless Microwave Phones – A Path to Illness 

The safest solution is to replace cordless phones with wired landline phones, and we would highly recommend that you do not use cordless phones at all. However, if you must use them, there are some cordless phones that emit lower EMFs when not in use EMFields Low EMF DECT

Wireless baby monitors also use DECT technology, and are therefore transmitting microwave radiation while in use, close to your baby and throughout your home. Replace these with wired plug-in baby monitors.