Name – “Rosie Burns”

Location  –  Wexford

When did you first start to develop EHS/Microwave sickness, or make the link that your symptoms were caused by RF/EMFs?

My symptoms began in August 1994 when electricity leaked in under my home from a fault which went undetected on the power line for almost two years. There was also a weak beam from Eircom mast over the area since 1986, which increased in severity in 1998.

What are your symptoms?

Nerve pain all over my body. Headaches, eye soreness and pain.

Ear pain and hissing, sizzling swirling and pulsing from the different frequencies 24/7.

Scalding of skin, sometimes blistering.

Thyroid pressure, chest, shoulder, hip, knee join pain relieved by showering and air.  Irregularity of heart rhythm and sever stress.

Nausea and diarrhoea.

How does it affect your life on a day-to-day basis – home, work, socially?

Every aspect of my life is  affected. My nursing career came to an end. I had to leave my home, husband and family and live alone. I have moved almost 50 times. For years, I was unable to socialise, now I do in daytime visiting relatives who are well acquainted with my EHS.  Trying to say alive is my main objective now.

What changes have you had to make in your life to reduce your exposure to RF/EMF radiation (eg, moving house, leaving work, shielding)?

I had an electric free home built in 1997 but in 1998 this was …… and is thoroughly polluted now with mobile phone mast radiation, radio-frequency and wireless signals. No amount of shielding inside has worked, so I left this house also.

How do your family and friends respond to your situation?

Initially there were sceptical of my condition for but years ???

How does your doctor, health professional respond to your EHS?

My GP is very supportive and knowledgeable of this condition.

What do you think our government and decision makers should do?

Allocate areas for us Electrohypersensitives to live free from all this microwave RF and wireless signals.

Acknowledge that this condition exists and provide supports to those of us affected.

How do you feel about the roll-out of further 4G, 5G, smart meters and LED street lighting in your area and across Ireland?

Horrified and distressed by the pollution of our environment and the pain and suffering is causing us EHS sufferers and is going to cause to our children, teenagers, young adults and the aged.

There will be no escape and I feel more ill heath and suicides will rise.


Anything else you would like to say?

The sheer torture and stress this “microwaving of our planet” will cause will eventually make us Irish citizens a very ill population. Those of us who die will, I hope, be at peace, and those who survive and are being microwaved, will wish they would be dead.

Our atmosphere is so polluted by this technology that life on earth eventually will end.