7th 5G Appeal – The EU’s Illegal Precedence of Economy over Health

The 7th Appeal to the EU, signed by more than 400 scientists and doctors, asking that the exposure limits guidelines set by ICNIRP be reduced dramatically to protect the health of all living things and a moratorium on 5G be established.

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To the EU Legislative bodies                                                             12 January 2023

The EU’s illegal precedence of economy over health

On behalf of over 400 scientists and MDs, we are sending the 5G appeal to the EU for the 7th time since 2017. We expect that EU decision makers will take the 5G Appeal and thousands of relevant  scientific articles as indicative of what is now known about the harmful and energy wasting effects of wireless electromagnetic fields (EMF) and all forms of Non-Ionising Radiation (NIR). We expect the EU to take appropriate measures to protect EU citizens from these effects. We request a meeting with,as well as a direct, written response from the EU commissioners of Health, Environment and Competition and members of the Council of the Ministers

1. The Charter of Fundamental Rights , primary law as well as case law from the European Court of Justice make it mandatory for EU decision-makers to protect the EU population, especially children, from all kinds of harmful health effects of wireless technology. Article 168 of the consolidated version of the Treaty on the Functioning of the European Union (TFEU) reads as follows: A high level of human health protection shall be ensured in the definition and implementation of all Union policies and activities. EU Case law clearly states that: The protection of health takes precedence over economic considerations. We therefore expect protection of health to be the primary principle adopted by all decision-makers in the EU, including European commissioners, members of the European Parliament and the Council of Ministers.

2. Since 2017 we have not seen any proof of this
. In the six replies we have received to earlier 5G Appeals there has not been any clear intention to prioritise health over economics. Instead, the EU continues to advocate the economic benefits of wireless (5G) communications more than health and to consider the inadequate ICNIRP guidelines as protective of human and environmental health, including for children and the most vulnerable. The history of EU responses to consecutive 5G Appeals  demonstrating an ongoing lack of attention to health concerns has been published in a recent review.

3. The EU continues to refer to the ICNIRP guidelines because ICNIRP has been endorsed by
Council Recommendation 1999/519/EC as the EU’s main external advisory group concerning NIR protection. Even in the face of thousands of studies stating the contrary, ICNIRP and Council Recommendation 1999/519/EC continue to deny that there is scientific proof of non-thermal, biological effects far below current policy radiation guidelines. Given the state of play of independent science today, there are increasing questions concerning the continued legality of Council Recommendation 1999/519/EC and the EU EMF-health protection policy in general.

ICNIRP Guidelines are a grossly inadequate basis for EU policy in general.

4. There is now clear evidence that ICNIRP guidelines are not an adequate scientific basis for EUs policy regarding wireless electromagnetic fields (EMF) policy. ICNIRP guidelines have been shown to be flawed by, amongst others, Cherry , Favre , Hansson Mild & Hardell , ORSAA , Redmayne , Nordhagen & Flydal and recently the ICBE-EMF . On top of this, 256 Scientists in the EMF Scientists Appeal attest that ICNIRP guidelines do not protect health. Over 400 scientists and medical doctors have endorsed the 5G Appeal. All have asked the EU to apply the Precautionary Principle in such a way that EU policy takes not only heating (thermal) but also non-thermal effects into account. This is increasingly supported by a number of successful lawsuits in USA , Germany , Italy and elsewhere in the European Union, demonstrating that signals from mobile communications are seen to be the cause of several kinds of harmful effects such as acoustic neuroma (brain cancer) in people exposed to cell phones. The environment, including plants, trees, bees,  insects, birds, mammals, rats and cows are also harmed by NIR far below the ICNIRP guidelines. Therefore, NIR poses a serious threat to not just humans, but also to the environment and to everything that lives. …

READ AND SHARE THE FULL APPEAL HERE 5G – 7th EU 5G Appeal 12 Jan 2023 – illegal precedence of economy over health – nyberg, hardell-1 pdf

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