Electromagnetic and Microwave Radiation aware professional services:

Surveyors, Help and Advice in Ireland – information, advice and surveying details – surveying, advice, shielding paint and canopies

Electrosmog Ireland – Information and advice

EirewavesAlliance for Irish Radiation Protection

IDEA Irish Doctors Environmental Association

EMFields Irish contact – email


Shielding Services & advice UK & Europe (all deliver to Ireland)

BeneficialEnvironments – UK company, information, help and shielding products

EMFields – UK website, shielding products & EMR mitigation

EMFClothing – UK, shielding clothing and protection, paints, canopies etc

EMFShielding – UK, EMF surveys, shielding clothing and paints, canopies etc

ElectroSmogShielding – UK company, shielding products and information

YShield Germany, suppliers and manufacturers of shielding paint, fabrics, canopies etc

YourEMFGuide – UK, surveyor EMFs and Geopathic Stress

EMFUK – UK company, providing meters and surveys

ElectricSense   practical advice, tips and information on EMF protection, mitigation and meters etc

The EMF Community –  up to date information,  international forum and EMF consultancy  – technical remedies & alternatives – checklists

Leblok Clothing – UK EMF shielding clothing collection

NoRad4You – Israel, shielding and mitigation products etc

Electricforester – UK Home and business EMR surveys and mitigation advice

There are many companies online who provide effective EMF shielding paints, wallpapers, fabrics, canopies and clothing. The above are just a few.

See our RESOURCES/INFORMATION PAGE for additional companies and organisations worldwide who also provide shielding, meters, surveying, information and technical advice.

Support Groups and Forums

UK Electrosensitives (group members are from all over the world)

Families with EHS Children

Electrosensitivity Forum  

SMART EMF Resistance UK  (group members are worldwide)

EMF and EHS Law

Electrosense EMF Forum

Mast-Victims Discussion Forum & Bulletin Board

Are Wearables/Implantables Safe?

ES (Electrosensitivity) Discussion Forum

ElectroMagnetic Radiation Are You Safe South Africa 

Radiation, We Don’t Want No Radiation 

Doctors and complementary health practitioners:

To date, there are only a few doctors and health professionals in Ireland who are aware of EHS and the health effects of electromagnetic radiation.  Please contact us to see if there are any in your area. We hope this list will grow, so please let us know if you are aware of any.

Natural Medical Clinic Ireland (Dublin) –

The Ishsko Wellness Centre (Mayo) – mercury free dentistry