Electric & Magnetic Fields

All common electrical appliances used in the home can give off electric and magnetic fields, some higher than others. Building wiring can be, and often is, responsible for high electromagnetic fields (EMFs) in the home, school and workplace. High levels of EMFs can aggravate or even cause a number of chronic health problems.

Health concerns

Night storage heaters, clock radios, cordless phones, electric blankets, baby monitors, burglar alarms, computers and VDUs, cars, cookers, dishwashers, fridges, washing machines, tumble driers, vacuum cleaners, TVs, meter boxes, fluorescent and halogen lights, etc. have all been associated with concerns about potential health effects, due to high electric and magnetic fields.

Thankfully these fields fall off usually within a few meters of the appliance, so as long as you sit or distance yourself and don’t spend too long near them, it is very easy to keep your exposure low.   Powerwatch Appliance Factsheet

Even if you are using a wired ethernet connection on your pc/laptop, do not have the router near you as these may still give off high electric and magnetic fields. Similarly keep your laptop away from your lap.

Do not use electric blankets and remove electrical items like clock radios away from your bed. Make sure your bed is not over or beside meter boxes or other electrical items. Fluorescent and CFL lights and bulbs should be replaced with ordinary bulbs and dimmer switches removed.

You may need an EMF aware electrician to check levels of electric and magnetic fields.

Most electric field problems in the home can be reduced.

Dirty Electricity

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