We call for a Moratorium on Wireless Technologies and on the Development of 5G in Ireland

STOP Eoghan Murphy’s Bill which will block environmental democracy

HALT 5G in County Wexford Now. Invoke the Precautionary Principle

Request Wicklow Co Co halt Installation of 5G until research proves it to be Safe

Request Waterford Council to halt installation of 5G infrastructure until proven safe

The removal of the Imagine Ireland 5G antennae from Bundoran and Ballyshannon

Stop 5G

We Do Not consent to 5G

Stop 5G Ireland

Astronomer’s Appeal to Stop 53,000 5G/wireless Satellites in Space


We want a moratorium on 5G in Northern Ireland until its proven safe to public health

Stop 5G in Belfast

The UK EM Radiation Research Trust call for urgent health & safety assessment on 5G

5G – Suspend and review rollout of 5G infrastructure UK

Pause Stroud and Gloucestershire’s 5G Rollout IMMEDIATELY

Say NO to 5G Technology on The Isle of Wight

Public Petition Against 5G Technology in Frome

Welsh Government: Suspend 5G rollout in Wales and hold a public consultation

5G at Glastonbury Festival EE? NO thanks, we are not your guinea pigs!

Public Petition against 5G Frequency Emissions in Glastonbury Town

Stop Orkney Island Council Rolling Out 5G

Stop 5G in Bath and North East Somerset

We do not consent to Smart Meters UK

Pause Bristol’s 5G Rollout

Stop the Trial of 5G on the Isles of Scilly and Cornwall

We call for a MORATORIUM on the implementation of 5G technology on the Isle of Man

Keep Torbay 5G Free

 Petitions to UK parliament – these can only be signed by UK and NI residents*

Postpone the rollout of 5G in the UK, pending further independent investigation

Launch an independent inquiry into the 5g Health & Safety risks*

No 5G Mobile Network in UK*


5G in France – Do not allow this experiment

To President Macron, Stop 5G in France


Stop 5G Network Expansion

Call to stop the 5G mobile network expansion

Over 30 Online Petitions in Germany


Stop 5G on Earth and in Space

Stop the Rollout of 5G Service

IARC & WHO – Move Radio Frequency Radiation from Class 2B to Class 1



PhoneGate Alert – Protect the Health of Millions of Mobile Phone Users

Canada : 5G= intense RF radiation. Demand a 5G moratorium in Canada until Govt can prove it’s safe

Stop 5G in Mangawhai ~ New Zealand

Petition Against 5G Switzerland

Stop 5G in Denmark

WHO – Include EHS and MCS in the International Classification of Diseases

Karolinska Institute, Sweden: Let Professor Johansson continue crucial work!

USA – To President Trump – Ban All 5G Technology