Submissions and Letters sent to Irish Government, Agencies and Schools etc

December 2018 – Information sent to a children’s entertainment centre advising of health risks of their extremely high levels of wi-fi radiation  BASE-WiFi-Advice

June 2018 – Open Submission to Government Departments and Agencies regarding Public Health and Wellbeing Protection in Ireland in respect of Electromagnetic Fields (EMF) including pulsed microwaves used for Wi-Fi, ‘smart’ metering, 4G LTE and small cell antenna systems (5G), culminating in a request for an inquiry on behalf of the public, especially children and vulnerable groups. READ HERE 

21 March 2017 – Submission re the “National Planning Framework” and County/local Development Plans READ HERE

November 2016  – Submission re The European Commission’s proposal for a European Gigabit Society/Digital Single Market/Trans-European Telecom Network READ HERE 

March 2016 – Letter to Mr E Fahy, Dept Environment re Electromagnetic/Radio Frequency/Wi-Fi READ HERE

18 January 2016 – Letter to Gerry Forde, Senior Engineer, Environment, Wexford Country Council Re : ‘THE HUM’ READ HERE

25 November 2015 – Letter to RIVM, National Institute for Public Health & Environment, Netherlands  Re: The RIVM report based on a review of international developments regarding the Health Effects of Electromagnetic Fields, as awaited by our Irish Government READ HERE

June 2015 – Letter to Emmet Fahy, Radiation Policy,  Department of the Environment READ HERE

7 January 2013 – Irish Doctors’ Letter to Schools re serious concerns about Wifi in Schools READ HERE

2012 – Safe Schools Report sent to all schools in Ireland by Irish Doctors Environmental Association READ HERE