Submissions and Letters sent to Irish Government, Agencies, Schools, Media etc

February 2023 ComReg’s Draft Electronic Communications Network and Services Strategy Statement 2023-2025      Submission Ethna Monks

May 2022Commission For Communication Regulations (ComReg)
Framework for the migration from legacy infrastructure to modern infrastructure 2022 – Ethna Monks 

March 2022 – Submission to Dept for Environment, Climate and Communication – Public Consulation on the Digital Connectivity Strategy Digital Strategy Submission

December 2021 – Submission to Irish Government on ICNIRP Guidelines – Dec 2021 Submission-to-irish-government-on-icnirp-guidelines/

May 2021 – Submission to the Dept for Environment, Climate and Communication re  – Climate Conversation/Climate Action Plan Public Consultation –  Ethna Monks

May 2021 – Submission to the Minister for Housing, Local Government and Heritage re Greenlink Interconnector between Wexford & UK Ethna Monks

January 2021 –  Open Response to Eco-Eye episode “Radiation: The Silent Killer”  RTE1 (copies sent to production company Earth Horizons and Duncan Stewart)

January 2021 – Email sent to  Dr Kambamettu re Eco-Eye episode – David Sullivan

November 2020 – Submission to The Joint Committee on Disability Matters, Houses of the Oireachtas – es-ireland/JCDM

January 2020 – Letter to Dr Tony Holohan, Chief Medical Officer, Department of Health & Children – David Sullivan

December 2019 – David Sullivan. Interview with An Scéal 5G & WiFi Concerns and Precautions

November 2019 – From Melanie Bouffard – Letter to the Editor in response to Guardian Newspaper Article 19/11/19

October 2019 – Submission to United Nations Human Rights Council Advisory Committee. Response to Questions on New and Emerging Digital Technology and Human Rights

Sept 2019 – Irish Times Article “CAN MOBILE PHONE USE CAUSE CANCER?” Letters from D Sullivan and A Brennan

Sept 2019 – Response to Irish Independent Article 7/9/19 by Adrian Weckler from David Sullivan

May 2019 – Letter to  Richard Bruton, Minister for Communications, Climate Action & Environment from Anthony J Hughes, Natural Medicine Clinic Responsibilities for Adverse Effects of EMR (Electromagnetic Radiation) and 5G Technology

Nov/Dec 2018 – Details of 5G International Appeal sent to every politician, senator and county Councillor in Ireland, highlighting the dangers of existing man-made RF and urging them to participate in halting the roll-out of 5G.

June 2018 – Open Submission to Government Departments and Agencies regarding Public Health and Wellbeing Protection in Ireland in respect of Electromagnetic Fields (EMF) including pulsed microwaves used for Wi-Fi, ‘smart’ metering, 4G LTE and small cell antenna systems (5G), culminating in a request for an inquiry on behalf of the public, especially children and vulnerable groups. READ HERE

21 March 2017 – Submission re the “National Planning Framework” and County/local Development Plans READ HERE

November 2016  – Submission re The European Commission’s proposal for a European Gigabit Society/Digital Single Market/Trans-European Telecom Network READ HERE

March 2016 – Letter to Department of  Environment re Electromagnetic/Radio Frequency/Wi-Fi READ HERE

January 2016 – Submission to UN Convention on the Rights of Persons and Disabilities – a Request for submissions  READ HERE

25 November 2015 – Letter to RIVM, National Institute for Public Health & Environment, Netherlands  Re: The RIVM report based on a review of international developments regarding the Health Effects of Electromagnetic Fields, as awaited by our Irish Government READ HERE

29 June 2015 – Letter to Radiation Policy,  Department of the Environment READ HERE 

7 January 2013 – Irish Doctors’ Letter to Schools re serious concerns about Wifi in Schools READ HERE 

2012 – Safe Schools Report sent to all schools in Ireland by Irish Doctors Environmental Association READ HERE