Email to Dr Kambamettu re ECO-EYE Radiation Episode – David Sullivan

Hello Dr Kambamettu

 I enjoyed the Eco-eye program I saw the other night on RTE speaking about Radon. The advice given the dangers of Radon in our houses was very good but the information presented about the dangers of 5G radiation was incorrect.

No body anywhere in the world has any data on the health effects caused by exposure to the 5G spectrum of radiation. (4 minute video of Senator Blumenthal in 5G hearings Feb 2019).

The tech industry is the biggest industry in the world and unfortunately, they have successfully managed to sell porkies about the dangers of nonionising radiation (NIR) and managed to capture regulatory agencies the western world to do their bidding.

That last sentence I wrote might make you want to stop reading this email but I would ask you to kindly read through some of science and then you can make up your own mind.

 When speaking with people about health and safety of mobile phones you have to know that contrary to what Engineers may say, Microwave Radiation at levels present in mobile phones actually affects our Biology. These Pulsed Polarised Modulated Microwave Radiation do have significant Bio-effects.

 There is one big issue that confounds and amplifies the widespread confusion that we are facing today about mobile phone radiation. The misassumptions of Classical Physics in a Biological System, the famous “NIR” “Non-Ionizing Radiation Story”.

 Classical Physics tells us that Non-Ionising Radiation does not possess the energy to damage Chemical Covalent Bonds, so it could not damage DNA and is therefore perfectly safe!

 This is part of the official disinformation that Telecoms Industry and Regulators buy and sell.

 The disinformation comes because Microwave Radiation energy is classified in the Electro-Magnetic Spectrum as a Non-Ionising Radiation (NIR) and by definition the energy of this radiation is not strong enough to break a covalent chemical bond.

 The typical energy of a covalent bond is in the order of 1 electronVolt (1eV= 1.6 .10-19 Joules). The force required to break a covalent bond is in the order of 1eV/0.1 nm ~ 1600 pN. (pico Newtons)

 The energy in the microwave radiation is well below this level. At 3 GHz it is 1.8*1024Joules.

So, this is the science that lays out the impossibility of Microwave radiation being able to damage DNA because it is too weak in energy terms to break any of the bonds present in DNA. And this is the “rock-solid classical physics” that the whole disinformation story rests on.

So, many Engineers will spout out this story, almost as religious Dogma and poo-poo the whole idea of Microwaves causing any negative health effects.

The only problem with the story is the horrible fact that Pulsed, Polarised and Modulated Microwave Radiation at the levels present in mobile phones does in fact damage DNA. Not expected, but sadly true. So, this is the reason why there is so much deliberate confusion, from an Engineering standpoint it is not going to happen, yet in Biology it happens!

This was first shown in 1995 by Professor Henry Lai From University of Washington and he was subject to attack by the Telecoms industry,

The work was reproduced in a large study financed by the EU in 2004. It is known as the 2004 EU Reflex Study.

In a similar fashion if you read the paper you will see the skulduggery the industry resorted to try to discredit this work.

This is the study that showed 24 hours of mobile phone radiation did the same amount of DNA damage as 60 CT Scans in or 250 years of The Earth’s background radiation.

How many people would voluntarily submit to 60 CT scans in 24 hours?

Something else worth noting, life on this planet evolved over a two to three-billion-year timeframe. Since the Big Bang and up to very recently the only microwave radiation present on our planet during the evolution of life is that low level background radiation that came from the big bang. This background radiation is also what could be describes a plain vanilla sine wave microwave radiation. The NIR microwave we have today is now Pulsed / Polarised / Modulated Microwave Radiation. This is what causes the problem the pulsed and modulated signals, our body cells just can’t handle this radiation. I suspect the so-called engineering NIR “experts” just don’t understand how the telecom people modulate the basic microwave carrier radiation.

This is going to be one of the defining issues of our time, the proliferation of electrosmog on this planet is one quintillion times higher than existed at that time of the big bang. 

 I am a big fan of the Eco-eye programs and watch all with great interest but I cannot believe what a blind spot the series has for the dangers of electrosmog. Even if you forget what it is doing to our children, the devastation of plant life and pollinating insects and out carbon footprint has to be of concern to real ecologists.

Please listen to some of what Dr Arthur Firstenberg speaks about

Also, as a spin-off to the health dangers of electro smog we have the huge carbon footprint of 5G to contend with, there will be enough electricity in the world to feed this monster if left on checked over the coming years.

But all is not lost, we and other anti 5G campaigners are fighting back and today there is a major court case going on in New York court which hopefully is going to put a big spike the ongoing rollout of this 5G madness throughout the world.

If you are interested and I hope you are Dr Mercola wrote a good book called EMF’ed that explains in detail all the real science behind these concerns.

Thank you for reading this

 Best regards


David Sullivan