How to Refuse A Smart Meter



“Regarding right of refusal, I have been informed by the Commission for Energy Regulation that a customer that does not want an upgraded meter will be able to decline to have this new meter installed.”  Minister for Communications, Climate Action & Environment, Denis Naughten  (Oireachtas 2016)

“Consumers with concerns about smart meters can opt-out and keep their “dumb” meter….. ”  April 2018



ESB are responsible for the installation of All Electricity Smart Meters in Ireland regardless of who your utility provider is.

ESB have confirmed that you can opt out of getting a smart meter – although this information is no longer available on their website.


Do not wait to get a letter from ESB, your provider or Smart Meter contractors  – CONTACT THEM TODAY.

If you receive a letter about a smart meter and do not respond – whether you want one or not – it is implied that you consent to a smart meter being installed.

You do not have to be at home for contractors to install a smart meter.  Most electricity and gas meters are outside the house and can be accessed easily.   We have reports of householders returning home from work or being away to find a smart meter has been fitted without their knowledge.

Ring the ESB Smart Meter Support Line  on 01 6985005 or 1800 928 123. Take the name of the person you speak to.

Follow up with an email to and inform them that you do not want a Smart Meter.

You will need to give your MPRN (meter number found on bill or meter itself).

Insist on written confirmation that you will not be part of the Smart Metering Programme and will not have a Smart Meter installed at your home.

Contact and let your own electricity provider know.

If you get a letter from one of the Smart Meter Contractors, eg KN Networks, TLI Group,  MDE Installations etc, contact them also. In some cases ESB are not informing contractors in time that a customer has refused a meter, and meters are being installed.

Display a sign/poster on your meter box and property, to say you have refused  a smart meter as installation can be done on outside meters even when you are not at home, and contractors may not have been made aware you have opted out – some templates available Stop no smart meter  or Do not install

Consider putting a lock on your electricity meter box to prevent installation without your permission.

Do not put a lock on or restrict access to your GAS METER box as it needs to be easily accessible if there is a gas leak. 

Because there have been mixed responses from ESB with regard to this, we strongly advise that you follow-up with a Notice of Non-Consent.

Non-Consent ESB Smart Meter  Print, sign and send registered post to ESB.


Gas Networks are responsible for ALL gas meters regardless of your utility company.  They have been replacing Gas meters over the last few years.  They confirm that while these new meters are not Smart Meters, they are “smart ready”, and upgraded to a smart meter in the future.

If you are told that your existing meter is too old and has to be replaced, then insist that the replacement is a non-smart meter with no wireless or ‘smart’ capabilities.

We have had reports that Gas Networks Ireland have threatened some people with disconnection and a large re-connection fee if they do not agree to a meter upgrade.  Remember that you have a legal right to refuse a smart meter.

See question from TD Clare Daly in the Dáil and answer from Richard Bruton

Because of this, we strongly advise that if you do not want a Smart Meter, or Smart Ready Meter, when they contact you by letter or email to upgrade your meter, that you tell them you refuse and follow up with a Notice of Non-Consent.

Do not put a lock on or restrict access to your GAS METER box as it needs to be easily accessible if there is a gas leak

NON-CONSENT Gas Meter Print, sign and send registered post  to:

CEO, Gas Networks Ireland Headquarters,  PO Box 51, Gasworks Road, Cork, T12 RX96 

It is also a good idea to send copies to:

  • Chief Executive of your Electricity or Gas provider if different from above,
  • Commissioner in Charge, Commission for Regulation of Utilities (CRU), Smart Metering Team, The Exchange, Belgard Square North, Tallaght, Dublin 24
  • Eamon Ryan, Minister Department of the Environment, Climate and Communications, 29-31 Adelaide Road, Dublin 2, D02 X285

Even if you do not have a smart meter, you can still be affected by radiation and dirty electricity from your neighbours’ meters.  Download Smart Meter Leaflet

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