The Hum/ Microwave Hearing

Many people have contacted us over recent years describing an experience they are having of hearing what sounds like a diesel or jet engine idling 24/7. In hindsight many of our members link this to the time when they became Electrohypersensitive (EHS). EHS is a new environmental/functional impairment brought about from living in an environment laden with toxic levels of electromagnetic/radiofrequency fields and pulsed microwave radiation (EMF/RF/Wi-Fi).

EHS manifests itself through multiple and diverse symptoms (see the BioInitiative Report at:   


‘Microwave hearing’ is one of the symptoms of EHS linked to EMF/RF/Wi-Fi issuing from masts/antennas, mobile and cordless phones, computers, all Wi-Fi gadgets including baby monitors, wireless utility meters and ‘smart’ home appliances. It can also relate to Extremely Low Frequencies (ELF) e.g. from some electrical transmission and distribution lines (dirty electricity) and/or acoustic resonances running along Powerlines. The effect is referred to as the ‘auditory perception of radio frequency fields’/ ‘microwave hearing’, or on social media as ‘the hum’. If you are a newcomer to the auditory perception of radio frequency fields it is likely that this problem has arisen due to: a mobile phone mast/antenna; a Wi-Fi project using a new frequency e.g. 4G/5G or wireless utility meters having been installed in your area and/or to resonances running along the powerlines or electricity wires (dirty electricity) in or near your home. It could also be related to electrosmog/wireless radiation emissions coming from neighbouring houses/apartments.


Although some people found that it is possible to shield electrosmog within the home using YShield paint or some other solutions (see references below), to date none of our members have been able to block out the ‘hum’. Research studies indicate that what we are hearing is not actually a noise in the sense that it is ‘an interaction of microwave pulses directly with the auditory neurons’. It is an effect created by microwave pulses which, ‘upon absorption by soft tissues in the head’ results in ‘acoustic pressure that travels by bone conduction to the inner ear.’  (see research below). These theories can explain how only one person in a family or group of people is experiencing the ‘noise’/’vibration’/’pulsing effect’ i.e. it is not a noise as such and only some people and animals are affected.

IERVN is not made up of physicists, biologists or medical doctors but are a growing group of people across Ireland (and the world) who are now suffering from the torment of ‘microwave hearing’, as well as other debilitating symptoms of EHS. If you are suffering, we do understand what you are going through. For many, this particular problem has had a devastating effect on their lives, especially potential health issues arising from chronic sleeplessness. It is therefore extremely important to protect the environment in your bedroom, as sleep is necessary to keep your immune system healthy.

What you are going through can be debilitating and is very real. Many ‘microwave hearers’ are told that they probably have tinnitus but they eventually (through experience and observation) recognise that when they remove themselves from the situation the ‘hum’/other symptoms cease. Some have moved house successfully. For others, the unstoppable growth of the use of EMF/RF/Wi-Fi combined with the upsurge in electrical voltage required to power them, sees sufferers having to live out their lives in torment. It is really difficult to find a safe place now and the future appears to offer little hope of change– see the EU Proposal 589. Ref:

Those in authority are aware of this issue as it is contained in the Electromagnetic Field Guidelines (ICNIRP) they use. In these it states that ““microwave hearing” effects have been attributed to a thermoelastic interaction in the auditory cortex of the brain.”  Furthermore, “Repeated or prolonged exposure to microwave auditory effects may be stressful and potentially harmful.”  Ref:   Page 506

EHS has become a very worrying environmental issue and for those of us whose bodies have difficulties surviving the onslaught of EMF/RF/Wi-Fi, a medical service that has no knowledge or training in recognising or dealing with EHS exacerbates the problem. See the Guideline of the Austrian Medical Association for the Diagnosis and treatment of EMF [EHS] related health problems and illness, 2012:

 We would recommend that you discuss this matter with your doctor and ask to be referred to a qualified audiologist who will ascertain whether you have tinnitus or not. Make sure you receive a report with the outcome of your diagnosis. If you do not have tinnitus you are possibly suffering from ‘microwave hearing’. One of the most helpful actions suggested by members is to use a White Noise/Sound machine. These help to block out the ‘hum’ and some members use white noise on a radio or just keep a radio turned on at night.

If you use a mobile phone keep it on ‘airplane mode’ so that it is not continuously searching for the nearest and strongest signal and purchase an airtube headset for conversations. Turn off your mobile phone at night.  If you use a computer at home turn the Wi-Fi and Bluetooth off and use an Ethernet cable (hardwire) instead. Turn off the modem/router at night. Replace your cordless phone with a standard landline. You will find more details about these suggested actions and other very useful information on the sites provided below.


Some studies that can be accessed that will help you better understand your situation:

Auditory Perception of Radio-Frequency Electromagnetic Fields by Chung-Kwang Chou and Arthur W. Guy. This can be found on: 

or on  (go into research)

Hearing of microwave pulses by humans and animals: effects, mechanism, and thresholds by Lin, JC, and Wang Z.     Ref: Health Phys. 2007 Jun;92(6):621-8

 Transmission of Microwave Induced Intracranial sound to the Inner Ear is Most Likely through Cranial Aqueducts.’  Ronald Seaman   Ref:…/255435860_

Cause of the Hum

Sandra Chianfoni’s website: 

See her YouTube video Boil the Frog Slowly and Dr. Martin Blank’s video of the same name.

Possible helpful information and solutions for affects of EMF/RF/Wi-Fi may be found on a number of sites e.g.  (an Irish Site), EMFields (UK), YShield (Germany) and the ES-UK site.


Things are changing slowly as a number of EHS cases have reached High Court status in different countries and EHS is becoming legally recognised as an environmental/functional impairment. At a recent conference in Krakow (December 2016), “The International Forum on Protection from Electromagnetic Environmental Pollution – The Right to Information for Citizens”, city councillors agreed on a budget to be allocated for the purchase of modern EMF monitoring equipment to be used by the citizens themselves. A Municipal Centre for Dialogue will also be established where citizens can visit and discuss how they are being affected by electromagnetic radiation.

Ethna Monks, on behalf of ES-Ireland/Electromagnetic Sense Ireland is a member of the European Citizens Initiative and the European Co-ordination of Organizations for a Regulation of Electromagnetic Field (EMF) exposure, which Truly Protects Public Health.