Every day, hundreds of millions of men and women slip their cell phone into their trouser or jeans pocket without thinking about it. It has become, in a few years, a very mechanical gesture but is it however without risks for human health?

In your pocket, your phone irradiates you

First of all, you should know that the phone, even when you are not calling with it, remains active! It will connect regularly with the nearest antenna. But also without you paying attention, receive data (sms, emails, documents, videos, etc. …). You are therefore just as exposed as during a call. And this sometimes longer, knowing that your cell phone can stay several hours in your pocket.

In a Iranian study published on October 10, 2021, entitled “The adverse effect of cell phone radiation on the biological characteristics of spermatozoa in normozoospermic men”, scientists came to this conclusion about the risks of male infertility*:

The cell phone waves can reduce the sperm’s biological characteristics, such as morphology, motility, viability, DNA integrity, and an increase in apoptosis in normozoospermic men. Therefore, it is recommended for men to keep the cell phone away from their pelvic.

This is also the conclusion of a Korean study** published in July 2021 that analyzed 18 studies on the effects of cell phone wave exposure on sperm and concluded:

“Mobile phone use decreased the overall sperm quality by affecting the motility, viability, and concentration. It was further reduced in the group with high mobile phone usage. In particular, the decrease was remarkable in in vivo studies with stronger clinical significance in subgroup analysis. Therefore, long-term cell phone use is a factor that must be considered as a cause of sperm quality reduction. Additional studies are needed to determine the effect of the exposure to EMWs emitted from new mobile phone models in the present digital environment.”

An  increase of colorectal cancers in the USA and in Europe

We note this increase in Europe, it is moreover the subject of this scientific study “Increase in the incidence of colorectal cancer in young adults in Europe over the last 25 years” conducted in 20 European countries …  .

For the American epidemiologist, Prof. De Kun Li, scientific research should study the role of exposure to cell phones in the pocket of users and the possible causal link in the explosion of colorectal cancers, particularly in the young population in the USA and Canada.

This is what he tells the Microwavenews website:

Young people’s habit of carrying their cell phones in the front or back pockets of their jeans. “When placed in trouser pockets, the phones are in the vicinity of the rectum and the distal colon and these are the sites of the largest increases in cancer,” he says.

How to protect yourself?

Nothing could be easier! All you have to do is to stop putting your cell phone in your pocket.

Mohammadmehdi Hassanzadeh-Taheri, Mohammad Ali Khalili, Ali Hosseininejad Mohebati, Mahmood Zardast, Mehran Hosseini, Maria Grazia Palmerini, Mohammad Reza Doostabadi. The detrimental effect of cell phone radiation on sperm biological characteristics in normozoospermic. Andrologia. 10 October 2021. doi: 10.1111/and.14257.

Radiofrequency electromagnetic radiation emitted from cell phone has harmful effects on some organs of the body, such as the brain, heart, and testes. This study aimed to assess the effects of cell phones on sperm parameters, DNA fragmentation, and apoptosis in normozoospermic. Normal sperm samples were divided into two groups of control and case. The samples from the case were placed for 60 min at a distance of approximately 2.5 cm from the cell phone set in the active antenna position. Control samples were exposed to cell phones without active antennas. All specimens were analysed by World Health Organization criteria. Sperm viability, sperm with chromatin abnormality and maturity, DNA fragmentation, and apoptosis were examined. Viability and motility in the case were significantly lower than the control (p < .001, p = .004 respectively). The percentage of apoptotic sperms and DNA fragmentation were significantly higher in the case when compared with the control (p = .031, p < .001 respectively). The other parameters studied such as morphology, chromatin abnormality, and maturity showed no significant difference between the case and control groups. Cell phone waves had a detrimental effect on human sperm’s biological features. Therefore, it is recommended to keep the cell phone away from the pelvis as much as possible.

**Sungjoon Kim, Donghyun Han, Jiwoo Ryu, Kihun Kim, Yun Hak Kim. Effects of mobile phone usage on sperm quality – No time-dependent relationship on usage: A systematic review and updated meta-analysis. Environ Res. 2021 Jul 29;111784. doi: 10.1016/j.envres.2021.111784.

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