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“Many of them said they had never heard of electrical sensitivities before, were developing strange symptoms they never had before, could not use computers, wi-fi or cell phones any more without painful symptoms (even though previously they had been using them heavily with wi-fi in offices and on in homes 24/7). Weeks or months after their symptoms began they first discovered a smart meter on their home. Upon inquiry, they found out it had been installed at the time or just before their symptoms initiated… All this was surprising to me because this device was initiating ES (electrosensitivity) in previously normal, healthy persons who had tolerated wi-fi and cell phones for years with no problems.” 

Richard H. Conrad, Ph.D., John Hopkins trained biochemist – Pre-Filed Testimony  to the Maine Public Utilities Commission regarding Smart Meter Opt out Program, Feb 1, 2013

The Board of the American Academy of Environmental Medicine opposes the installation of wireless “smart meters” in homes and schools based on a scientific assessment of the current medical literature …  Chronic exposure to wireless radiofrequency radiation is a preventable environmental hazard that is sufficiently well documented to warrant immediate preventative public health action.  Amercian Academy of Environmental Medicine 2012 calls for a halt to Smart Meters

There really are people who feel pain, etc., related to EMF,..

In 2010 Smart Meter industry leaders in USA admitted in private emails that they are aware of health effects and other problems associated with smart meters

A smart meter can collect information from different electrical appliances in your home, using an algorithm that identifies each appliance by their unique electricity signature (they do not have to be ‘smart’ appliances or smart enabled).  This information is then transmitted wirelessly – several times a day and night –  via a telecommunications phone base station and then on to ESB – then to your utility provider   These meters are designed to transmit pulsed microwave radiation frequently and they also cause electrical interference (also known as dirty electricity) on building wiring, both of which can contribute to adverse health effects.

The smart metering programme in Ireland is at a early stage and RF wireless transmissions are not as frequent as seen from some smart meters in other countries. Smart meters that have been activated to Time of Use/smart tariffs would transmit more. As confirmed by ESB  these transmissions will increase in the future.

ESB are carrying out the installation of electricity Smart meters which will initially use “digital technology and the 2G mobile phone network”  Further wireless frequencies and more increased transmissions will be utilised with the intention of connection to smart appliances and devices in-house.

Update 13/5/22 ESB website now includes additional information that some 4G technology  is used in smart meters in Ireland – and that future phases will have different frequencies, technologies and modulations.

‘The smart meters currently being installed in Ireland use 2G or a specific type of 4G technologies, and therefore the transmissions have these specific modulations. Smart meters installed in future phases of the rollout could use different technologies with different frequencies and modulations ‘

Regardless of using 2G, 4G or whatever, increased exposure over time is potentially harmful (as with smartphones, devices, wifi etc). Even if smart meters in Ireland only transmit every few hours or half hourly currently this will also increase over time.  But it’s not just the RF radiation that is a concern, as the ‘dirty electricity’ produced by smart meters has been shown to cause adverse health effects.

What’s wrong with Smart Meters?


Acute health problems reported where smart meters are installed include heart palpitations, chest pain, inability to concentrate, feeling faint, headaches, dizziness, irritability, nausea, sleep difficulties, and tinnitus and auditory problems. Health complaints . Many people have had no choice but to leave their homes as a result of illness from smart meter radiation.

July 2019 – French Court rules against Smart Meters for Health reasons

Accumulative long-term exposure to microwave radiation can lead to depression, chronic illnesses, Alzheimer’s, neurological illnesses and cancers. Children, the elderly and those with already compromised health are most at risk of developing acute or long-term illnesses from exposure to smart meters.

Smart Meters have also been known to interfere with heart pacemakers and other  implanted medical devices.

Smart Meters are reported to add electrical interference, sometimes called dirty electricity‘ on home and building wiring.  EMF-Consult-Smart-meters-dirty-electricity-w-intro-EFlydal-ENordhagen-2022.04.06-v.2.0-1

2021 USA – 81 Organizations Urge PA Supreme Court to Reject Smart Meters Mandate


The Ecologist – Smart meter radiation and health – why are we neglecting non-toxic alternatives?


Trees, plants, animals and birds can all be affected by smart meter radiation See here.

Smart Meters are not environmentally friendly. Consider the huge environmental cost to produce millions of new meters and to dispose of current meters, as well as installing a new smart grid  – an unnecessary expense as existing meters work perfectly well.

Smart meters will have to be replaced every approximately every 5 – 15 years compared to existing and non-smart meters which last 20 – 40 years.

‘One of the requirements of smart meters is that they need replacing once every 10 years, which is more regularly than traditional gas and electricity meters.’

‘Smart meters will need to be replaced around every 10 years – which is more often than current gas and electricity meters.’

Smart meters will be on all the time, collecting information and sending out pulsed radiation as well as generating dirty electricity.  Extra electricity will be required to power the communications masts needed for the Smart Grid, and computer Data Centres to collect and store all this information are huge consumers of energy.

Do not believe the spin about Smart Meters helping to combat climate change.  Smart Meters are bad for the environment and wildlife and will cause more harm than good.

Smart Meters will not actually reduce your electricity or gas consumption, only tell you how much you are using – which is exactly what existing analogue and non-smart meters do!


Many smart meters have exploded and caused fires in other countries.

We would like to point out that we are not aware of any fires or explosions of smart meters fitted in Ireland.

Summary of Evidence on Smart Meter Fires

Warning – Smart Meters cause Fires

Are smart meters a FIRE hazard? BBC Watchdog investigation finds poorly fitted meters may have started blazes

SaskPower to remove 105,000 smart meters following fires

Ontario ordered to remove 5,400 smart meters over safety concerns

Lawsuits claim faulty PG&E Smart Meters started house fires


Smart meters and the Smart Grid are vulnerable to hacking, remote interference and cyber attacks. Customer data, which is transmitted to ESB via Three Ireland telecommunications infrastructure – a third party –  can be used for criminal purposes, ie checking your daily activities and whether you are at home or not.

“Then there is the vexed question of data protection and privacy. Experts claim that a trained eye would be able to look at the data coming from your smart meter and tell what time you get up in the morning and go to bed at night. They would be able to tell when you have a shower, when you are on holidays, when you are at home and when you are not. That’s the type of information that would be manna from heaven for hackers, for burglars, for advertisers who want to call to your door or call you on the phone, and to law enforcement who may want to track your movements” Will Goodbody RTE – Smart Meters could Spark Problems if Mishandled – September 2017.

Security flaw found in mandatory smart meters. Hackers could “turn the lights off in a city or neighborhood” – Consumer Affairs.Com


Utilities companies will collect personal  data about you, your family and your living habits. This information can be sold to third-party marketing companies, invading your privacy, and making a profit. The Roll of Utility Meters in Mass Surveillance

April 2021 – Green Party TD Patrick Costello has requested that the Data Protection Commissioner (DPC) address privacy concerns around ESB smart meters.

Software company admits smart meter spying for profit :


Many consumers have reported higher bills since smart meters were installed.

The cost of production and installation will be passed on to you.

Smart meters will allow utility companies to control pricing around times when you use your electricity or gas.  Prices will be hiked at certain times.  So you may  will be charged more if you use your cooker at dinner time or use the washing machine at peak times…

August 2022 – Threats of blackouts if customers do not sign up to smart tariffs and reduce peak time electricity usage :

Threat of tea-time blackouts and price rises if peak-time electricity use does not fall

Energy regulator warns of blackouts due to high peak-time power use. Households may be nudged to lower their usage at tea-time and data centres could also be targeted

and ElectricalEngineering/smart-meter-owners-report-higher-bills-than-savings.aspx

What’s the Cost of the Smart Meter Programme?

” The replacement of over 2 million electricity meters with the next generation electricity meter over a six-year period will cost some €1.2 billion”  According to CRU

Consumers will pay for it. While ESB state There is no additional charge for upgrading your meter. Like other meter upgrades, the cost is included in your existing charges for use of the electricity network”, the following articles say differently – that consumers will pay an extra €5.50 per year for 20 years ‘to help fund the project’.

“Like other infrastructure upgrades, the cost of the meter upgrade will be recouped over time in charges paid by suppliers, and in turn customers, for the use of the electricity network.”

“The meters do come at a cost, too. Customers will see €5.50 added to their bill each year for the next two decades in order to cover the rollout”

 Smart Meters are Not Mandatory. You have a Lawful Right to Refuse       Find out How HERE

Cartoon Courtesy of Infomatic Films

Award Winning Smart Meter Documentary – Take Back Your Power (Full Official Version) : Watch Here

In the UK, Dr Andrew Goldsworthy, Lecturer in Biology of Imperial College London, wrote to The Commons Select Committee UK in response to smart meter roll-out there. Read Response HERE

July 2016 – “Smart Meters ‘not needed’ after all for European Smart Grid”

Dr Karl Maret Engineer, discusses Smart Meter Potential Health Effects:

There are hundreds of campaigns against Smart Meters around the world, and warnings from scientists, doctors and those already affected by smart meter radiation. These english language websites are just a small number of them :

Stop Smart Meters (UK)

Stop Smart Meters (USA)

Smart Meter Harm

Smart Meter Education Network (USA)

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Take Back Your Power website and Award Winning Documentary

Dr Magda Havas – Smart Meters

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