Smart Meters


“The ‘Smart’ Meter is #1 in terms of devastation to our nervous system… [the radiation] permanently destroys and alters the manufacture of brain proteins … meaning that it completely changes the human organism – permanently”

Dr. Dietrich Klinghardt MD PhD

Dr Karl Maret Engineer, discusses Smart Meter Potential Health Effects: 


Smart Meters use wireless frequencies to transmit electrical, gas and water usage information direct to the utility companies. Wireless digital meters are designed to transmit pulsed microwave radiation frequently (sometimes every few seconds). Smart meters are already rolled out in many other countries, and homeowners are reporting not only serious health problems, but also issues with privacy, price hikes, overcharging and some meters have caught fire. 

Award Winning Smart Meter Documentary – Take Back Your Power (Full Official Version) : Watch Here

What’s wrong with Smart Meters?

Not Healthy: Acute health problems reported where smart meters are installed include heart palpitations, chest pain, inability to concentrate, feeling faint, headaches, dizziness, irritability, nausea, sleep difficulties, and tinnitus and auditory problems. Health complaints . Many have had no choice but to leave their homes as a result of illness from smart meter radiation. Smart Meters can also cause Dirty Electricity.

Accumulative long-term exposure to microwave radiation can lead to depression, chronic illnesses and cancers. Children, the elderly and those with already compromised health are most at risk of developing acute or long-term illnesses.

Not Green: Trees, plants, animals and birds can all be affected by smart meter radiation. Smart Meters are not environmentally friendly. Consider the huge environmental cost to produce and install the smart meter grid system, and to dispose of analogue meters – an unnecessary expense as existing analogue meters work perfectly well.

No Security: Smart meters and the Smart Grid are vulnerable to hacking and remote interference. Your information can be used for criminal purposes, ie checking your daily activities and whether you are at home or not.

No Savings: Most have reported higher bills since smart meters. Also the cost of production and installation will be passed on to you.

No Say: Utility companies can switch your power off when they want to, without your consent.

No  Privacy: These companies will collect personal  data about you and your living habits. They can sell this information to third party marketing companies, invading your privacy, and making a profit. The Roll of Utility Meters in Mass Surveillance

Software company admits smart meter spying for profit :

Not Safe:  Many smart meters have exploded and caused fires.

In the UK, Dr Andrew Goldsworthy, Lecturer in Biology of Imperial College London (retired), wrote to The Commons Select Committee UK in response to smart meter roll-out there. Read Response HERE

July 2016 – “Smart Meters ‘not needed’ after all for European Smart Grid”



Electricity Meter – ESB are due to start installing Smart Meters in autumn this year and will start replacing older meters first.

If you do not want a smart meter, ring them  on 021 2386555 or 1850 372 757 and tell them you do not want one  and to be put on the opt-out register.  You will need to give your MPRN (meter number).   We advise that you follow up with an email to and a Notice of Non-Consent.

Gas Meter – Gas Networks have been replacing meters in the last few years.  If you have recently had a new gas meter or replacement, then it is likely that this a “smart ready” meter which will require the addition of a wireless communications device in the future to upgrade it to a smart meter. If you do not want this, contact them to say you do not want an upgrade and send a Notice of Non-Consent.  

NOTICE OF NON-CONSENT (Print, sign and send registered post) to:


NON-CONSENT GAS (PDF) or Smart Meter Refusal Template send to:

CEO, Gas Networks Ireland Headquarters,  PO Box 51, Gasworks Road, Cork, T12 RX96  AND

Chief Executive of your Gas Utility Company AND

Commissioner in Charge, Commission for Regulation of Utilities, Smart Metering Team, The Exchange, Belgard Square North, Tallaght, Dublin 24


NON-CONSENT ELECTRICITY (PDF) or Smart Meter Refusal Template send to:

CEO, ESB Networks Ireland Headquarters, 27 Fitzwilliam Street Lower, Grand Canal Dock, Dublin 2 AND

Chief Executive of your Electricity  Utility Company AND

Commissioner in Charge, Commission for Regulation of Utilities, Smart Metering Team, The Exchange, Belgard Square North, Tallaght, Dublin 2

Display a sign/poster on your meter box and property, refusing installation of a smart meter – some templates available Here from StopSmartMetersUK

EVERYONE HAS THE RIGHT TO KNOW ABOUT SMART METER DANGERS. Even if you do not have a smart meter, you can still be affected by radiation and dirty electricity from your neighbours’ meters.

Contact your local TDs, councillors and neighbours



Download and Share SMART METER LEAFLET


There are 100s of campaigns against Smart Meters around the world, and warnings from scientists, doctors and those already affected by smart meter radiation. These websites are a small number of them – please read for more comprehensive, important and up to date information:  

Take Back Your Power website and Award Winning Documentary

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