EHS Personal Accounts

Personal stories and experiences from sufferers around the world


Joint Committee On Health Mobile Phones 2009 – Personal Testimony

My Electrosensitivity Hell

Farmer celebrates as mobile mast taken off land 2007

Powerless! Woman struggles to cope with allergy to electricity and mobile phone signals 2010

Personal accounts of living with EHS Being Electrosensitive (in a microwaved world) 

RT Documentary -Wi-Fi Refugees. Electrosensitive people try to escape wireless technology.

Carte Blance – EHS in South Africa

Brian Stein – Electrical Hypersensitivity

Desperately Seeking White Zone trailer (The plight of ES sufferers around the world) .  

Two pages full of people’s experiences of EHS

Electrosensitivity – When the Modern World Hurts – Alison Main Best Self Magazine

Sick from Radiation

I Am an EMF Refugee Notre Dame Magazine

We Are the Evidence – Harmed by Wireless We Are The Evidence

Parents tell about their children’s health problems Parents for Safe Technology

Jenny Fry, UK, who tragically died in 2015 Towards Better Health

EMF Victim Suffers “Electrified Torture”     O’Dwyers News  PR&Marketing Comm

A personal electromagnetic hypersensitivity case study – Steven Weller BSc Australia

Electrosensitivity – Every aspect of my life destroyed Australia

Over 300 case histories of EHS and EMF related concerns

Short film by Thomas Ball Photographer Electrosensitive – Outliers in a Wireless World

Phil Inkley – Allergic to Technology

I am 18 years old and Electrosensitive France

Electrosensitivity – Suicide of Carston Haublein

Hear how ES affects our lives

EHS Stories – Wifi Exiles

What is an EMF Refugee? & Personal stories of ES sufferers EMF Analysis

National Geographic Report France

More people reporting wireless radiation making them sick

What it is like to live with EHS Canada

EHS Exposing the deeper truth of who we are – Olga Sheean The Green Gazette 

Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity:-