Me and Radio Wave Sickness – Alanna, Leitrim

When did you first start to develop EHS/Microwave sickness, or make the link that your symptoms were caused by RF/EMFs?

Mobile phones made me uncomfortable enough not to have them, but the problem of radio waves really came home to me around 10 years ago and was a memorable occasion. I was badly zapped by wifi, trying to sleep one night in someone’s home with a teenager online on the opposite side of the wall. I had requested that there be no wifi that night, but daughter didn’t know that and anyway, he didn’t believe in such sensitivities! Next morning at 5am, after a horror night trying to find alternative sleep places in the dark but couldn’t escape it, I started the vomiting. He heard it all. Now he’s a believer. I am a non-alcohol drinker, but this was like the drink hangover to end all. For days afterwards I was weak and extra sensitive and couldn’t bear being close to powerlines etc. But I can handle a bit of such nowadays, as I know how to protect and manage it, though accidental or unintended exposures do happen of course.

What are your symptoms?

Headache, migraine, vomiting, weakness, ‘groggy’/brain fog, flu-like symptoms.

How does it affect your life on a day-to-day basis – home, work, socially?

I prefer to stay at home, where I grow food and work on my business and, though happy enough there, can sometimes feel socially isolated. (At other times it’s a great excuse for not going out to something you don’t want to go to!) Wearing a full head net in public can be challenging when travelling and have had to justify myself to angry security people at times.

What changes have you had to make in your life to reduce your exposure to RF/EMF radiation (eg, moving house, leaving work, shielding)?

Was forced to sell home in Australia after a smart meter was installed and made my living there impossible. Before then my internet-based business was doing well, going online via my telephone copper wires and no health problems from that. Now I don’t have decent internet, just short sessions via wifi and can’t wait for fibre optic cables! I wear shielding materials when online or out and about – a vest and a snood/cap under a hat or full head net. (Previously I had a white shielding shawl and sometimes got funny looks from people who were presumably thinking I must be a Muslim.) I also use esoteric products (from Germany) to protect my subtle energy fields.

How do your family and friends respond to your situation?

There’s a lot of disbelieving / denial / compassion is often lacking. Some friends have even been a bit annoyed when staying with me and asked not to use phones etc, almost pretending not to understand! (They won’t be getting another invite!)

How does your doctor, health professional respond to your EHS?

I asked my Australian doctor for a letter for me about it. She had never heard of it. (Such is the corporate cover-up!) But after I explained, she wrote the letter. I haven’t found a use for it yet. (I note that in the UK it is classed as a disability, and I was given an exemption from VAT when buying shielding clothes from there.)

What do you think our government and decision makers should do?

Perhaps give recognition of it being a disability.  From there, admission of liability for damages is a step closer.

Banning 5G, as have 4 counties at the time of writing (a symbolic win at least…)

Legislate for radiation free areas.

Ban public wifi (eg buses & trains).

How do you feel about the roll-out of further 4G, 5G, smart meters and LED street lighting in your area and across Ireland?

Horrified.  Have registered with ESB to not allow a smart meter; and have been supporting local councillors who voted unanimously to halt its rollout however they can, recently (September 2nd 2019) participating in a demonstration of support outside council chambers. Getting involved in anti-electro-smog activism makes me feel better!

Demo2-9-19-1 Alanna

Anything else you would like to say?


Thank you for the opportunity to share.