Websites and Forums we recommend about EHS and Wireless /EMF Radiation

EHS Resources and Information Key facts on electrosensitivity

UK Electrosensitives (excellent Facebook support group with members from all over the world)

ES-UK UK Electrosensitivity support, with information and forum and up to date newsletter

ElectrosmogIreland   – EMf Auditors

Ireland for Safe Technology – Advocacy group, up to date information.

Eirewaves Ireland – research and Irish news and press releases

EMFSolutions – UK based, information and resources

ElectricSense – Practical advice & resources for ES and EMF mitigation, forum

MastVictims – UK based, up to date information and forum and support

EMFAnalysis – information and resources for EHS, health and EMF mitigation

Manhattan Neighbours full of up to date information, resources and tips

EmrSanctuary – a forum style, online community dedicated to the growing segment of the world’s population affected by electro-sensitivity

SaferTechSolutions – wellness in the digital age – education and consultation

EMRAware – Australia – full of up to date information, worldwide EMR news and newsletters

LightAware UK based support organisation for light-sensitivity to CFLs and LEDs

 Children & Schools

SSITA – UK Safe Schools Information Technology Alliance

Safe in School  – Is Wifi safe for children?  – National Association for Children and Safe Technology

EHTrust.orgResources for Parents on Health Risks of Cell Phones and Wireless

WiredChild – for parents, teachers and children

WiFi in Schools for parents, schools, governments, and medical communities

Radiation Education excellent site for kids by kids

BabySafeProject – Environmental Health Trust advice for parents on health effects of wireless &EMR radiation

WirelessEducation– education and training for the safer use of technology

Scientist & Experts

Bioiniative Report A Rationale for Biologically-based Public Exposure Standards for Electromagnetic Fields (ELF and RF)

Council of Europe Parliamentary Assembly The potential dangers of electromagnetic fields and their effect on the environment

Physicians for Safe Technology  – USA, scientific research, papers and advocacy. 

EMF Scientist International Electromagnetic Field Scientist Appeal to the United Nations and World Health Organisation, with 220 signatories from 41 nations to date

IEMFA (International EMF Alliance) – International experts, research and publications

Powerwatch UK comprehensive information, research, publications and papers

Radiation Research Trust UK excellent advice and research

EMFacts Consultancy Research and information, papers and publications

Environmental Health Trust  (EHTrust) – Excellent resources, education, research and policy

MicrowaveNews– 23 years of detailed EMF/RF history

Electromagnetic Health – interviews with medical and scientific experts – US Education, advocacy and support

WeepNews –  Canadian Initiative to Stop Wireless, Electric & Electromagnetic Pollution

TakeBackYourPower – Award winning documentary on dangers of Smart Meters, website with information and resources

Understanding EMFs – Information, research studies and solutions

EMFwise for practical tips in the home and at work

EMFSafety Network – US Reduce EMF and RF (wireless) to protect children, communities, and nature

TheEMFCommunity – up to date news, international forum and EMF consultancy

Canadians 4 Safe Technology ( kits, research, news and advice

Wireless Right to Know   concise straightforward information

Stop Smart Meters UK up-to-date information & advice, flyers and templates

Burgerwelle German based site with daily updates and information

Stop 5G European Citizens Initiative  We ask the EU to make regulation that will protect our health, nature, environment and privacy.

Sandaura’s Blog – The Hum Heard Around the World

Anti_wireless_Blog and Shop – Articles  T-shirts, stickers etc

Support Groups & Forums

UK Electrosensitives (group members are from all over the world)

Families with EHS Children

Electrosensitivity Forum

SMART EMF Resistance UK  (group members are worldwide)

EMF and EHS Law

Mast-Victims Discussion Forum & Bulletin Board

ElectroMagnetic Radiation Are You Safe South Africa

Radiation, We Don’t Want No Radiation

Ireland Facebook Groups on EMFs, Masts, Wifi in Schools, 5G etc

Mast Watch Ireland

Halt 5G in UK & Ireland

Wifi in Schools Awareness

Parents For Safe Technology Ireland

Wireless Technologies Awareness Kinvara