‘Havana Syndrome’

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American scientists have been struggling to unravel the cause of a “mystery illness” for years, after reports of incapacitating neurological symptoms were experienced in American and Canadian government officials stationed in the Cuban capital in 2016, and American diplomats in China in 2018. More recently similar attacks have been reported in the US and later in 2021 in Vienna. A perplexing array of symptoms were reported in diplomats, their families, and even their pets intermittently, but usually at night in homes and hotels, with many developing permanent neurological effects from what physicians termed was a form of “functional brain injury”. They now have the answer- directed microwave radiation beams of “energy”. Some of the patients described feeling as though they were standing in an invisible beam of energy. Many of them suffered debilitating symptoms, from headaches and vertigo to vision problems.

These symptoms, and more, are what sufferers of microwave sickness/ES experience, to varying degrees, on a daily basis when exposed to microwave RF radiation from masts, wifi, mobile phones etc….

Prof James C Lin (ex-ICNIRP member) – The Havana Syndrome & Microwave Weapons (Health Matters – IEEE Microwave Magazine

Excerpts from Physicians for Safe Technology


Dr. Beatrice Golomb, UCSD Professor, Unveils the Mystery Illness

While the FBI could not find evidence of “sonic” attacks, Dr. Beatrice Golomb, professor of Medicine at UCSD and an expert in the biologic mechanisms for unusual illnesses such as Gulf War Syndrome and electrosensitivity, published the most comprehensive, well researched scientific paper on this subject that explained the confounding medical mystery. In her research paper, “Diplomats’ Mystery Illness and Pulsed Radiofrequency/Microwave Radiation (2018), she concludes, “Reported facts appear consistent with pulsed RF/MW as the source of injury in affected diplomats.” These are the same symptoms reported by individuals with electrosensitivity found in the academic literature. Here are some excerpts from her article.

Strange Sounds Attributed to Radiofrequency PEAK Pulses

Dr. Golomb cited Elder and Chou’s 2003 research paper indicating that the human auditory response of clicks, buzz, hiss and chirping is a well-established phenomenon of radiofrequency (RF) hearing.  The authors note, “The auditory response has been shown to be dependent upon the energy in a single pulse and not on average power density. The weight of evidence of the results of human, animal, and modeling studies supports the thermoelastic expansion theory as the explanation for the RF hearing phenomenon.”

“Havana Syndrome” Symptoms Look the Same as Electrosensitivity Symptoms

She goes on to explain the phenomenon of electrosensitivity symptoms she has identified in her research at UCSD and the similarities to reported health effects of the “Havana Syndrome”. Dr. Golomb notes, “Each of the protean symptoms that diplomats report also affect persons reporting symptoms from RF/MW: sleep problems, headaches, and cognitive problems dominate in both groups. Sensations of pressure or vibration figure in each. Both encompass vision, balance, and speech problems and nosebleeds. Brain injury and brain swelling are reported in both.”

Some Media Reporting

Jan 2023 – The Times UK – Havana syndrome: sonic attack or all in the mind? https://archive.is/Am5Z5#selection-823.0-823.49

June 2022 – CBS News – The Youngest Victims of ‘Havana Syndrome’ https://www.cbsnews.com/news/havana-syndrome-children-60-minutes-2022-06-26/

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Feb 2022 –  Havana Syndrome may be caused by ‘directed energy’ https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-us-canada-60237839

October 2021 –  Biden signs Bill providing relief to Havana Syndrome victims https://www.independent.co.uk/news/world/americas/us-politics/biden-bills-havana-syndrome-b1935536.html

Sept 2021 – ‘Havana syndrome ’ and the mystery of the microwaves https://www.bbc.com/news/world-58396698

Havana Syndrome may have a longer history, plus some new evidence from blood tests https://hotair.com/john-s-2/2021/09/10/havana-syndrome-may-have-a-longer-history-plus-some-new-evidence-from-blood-tests-

July 2021 – Vienna Is the New Havana Syndrome Hot Spot https://www.newyorker.com/news/news-desk/vienna-is-the-new-havana-syndrome-hotspot

Austria investigating after 2 dozen US officials in Vienna report Havana Syndrome symptoms https://www.businessinsider.com/austria-havana-syndrome-among-dozens-of-us-diplomats-investigated

2021 – US investigating possible mysterious directed energy attack near White House https://edition.cnn.com/2021/04/29/politics/us-investigating-mysterious-directed-energy-attack-white-house/index.html

Mystery Solved: 2020 NAS Report Links Diplomats Neurologic Symptoms to Directed Microwave Radiation Similar to Electromagnetic Illness https://mdsafetech.org/2021/04/06/mystery-solved-2020-nas-report-links-diplomats-neurologic-symptoms-to-directed-microwave-radiation-similar-to-electromagnetic-illness/

2021 – US probes claims of ‘microwave weapon’ used to attack diplomats’ brains https://www.independent.ie/world-news/north-america/us-probes-claims-of-microwave-weapon-used-to-attack-diplomats-brains-40460169.html

Dec 2020 – ‘Havana syndrome’ likely caused by directed microwaves – US report https://www.bbc.com/news/world-us-canada-55203844

2020 – National Academy of Sciences Report on the “Havana Syndrome” https://www.saferemr.com/2020/12/national-academy-of-sciences-report-on.html

2019 – Canada halves diplomatic staff in Cuba after another mystery illness https://www.irishtimes.com/news/world/canada-halves-diplomatic-staff-in-cuba-after-another-mystery-illness

2018 – Microwave weapon could have triggered diplomats’ symptoms https://www.irishtimes.com/news/world/us/microwave-weapon-could-have-triggered-diplomats-symptoms

2018 – ‘Microwave weapons’ now blamed for diplomats’ mysterious sickness https://www.independent.ie/world-news/north-america/microwave-weapons-now-blamed-for-diplomats-mysterious-sickness-37276185.html

More and more embassy workers reports Radiation sickness (‘Havana syndrome’)

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