Reduce EMRs

If you are suffering with symptoms of EHS, think electromagnetic and wireless exposure is contributing to ill health,  or you wish to instigate precautionary measures for your family, then avoid EMF radiation as much as you can in the home and workplace. Doctors, specialists, experts and sufferers themselves all agree that the key requirement for dealing with EHS is AVOIDANCE of RF/EMF radiation. Every little bit of reduction counts with electromagnetic and microwave radiation exposure. Remember exposure, and the effects, are cumulative, and much of that will be in your own home.


Get a Professional Survey

In the first instance, we advise having a professional EMR Survey of your home. With specialist equipment and knowledge, an EMR Surveyor will be able to detect RF radiation, electric, magnetic fields and dirty electricity, and advise on ways to reduce your exposure.

Detection Meters

Invest in your own detection meters to measure RF wireless radiation, electric and magnetic fields. Most are easy to use and relatively inexpensive. They are not as sensitive as professional detectors, but are invaluable tools to have – Check EMF Meters 

Computer – Turn off WiFi

13400996-router-connection-to-rj45-connector-blue-375x248You can access the internet without wifi. Replace with hardwired ethernet connection. Connect to the internet using an CAT 7 shielded ethernet cable, and disable wifi on the router AND on your computer/device.

CAT 7 Cables can be purchased or  or

Unfortunately some modern routers do not allow for the wifi to be turned off easily, so you may need to ring your service provider to get wifi disabled.  Some routers have been known to turn on wifi again, so keep on eye on that.  This is why you would be wise to get an RF detection meter. 

If you need to use wifi, ensure the router/modem is as far as possible from your body and turn it off when not in use, especially at night-time. 

It is better to use a desktop computer or laptop (not on your lap!) than a tablet so that you can distance yourself from electric and magnetic fields.

If your printer has a wireless function, make sure to disable it. 

Use a wired mouse and keyboard.

Even hardwired computers can emit high electric and magnetic fields, so please consult a professional about reducing these. Meters are also available to measure electric and magnetic fields See Help Page for details and suppliers

Keep laptops off your lap. Even if you are using a wired ethernet connection, the electric and magnetic fields from the laptop can be very strong.

Most modern routers now have 2 wireless signals (2.4Ghz and 5Ghz). You should be able to disable both through your computer. If not, then contact your provider.

Virgin Media : Their routers have a third wifi signal which acts as a hotspot, continuously emitting extremely high levels radiation.  Avoid Virgin Media  – you can not disable this 3rd wifi signal yourself and will need to contact them to request this.  However, we know of cases where this signal was disabled but turned back on again.

Install for evening and night time use of your computer/device.  This reduces the damaging blue light effect.  Blue light blocker glasses are also good.

Caution : using Powerline Adapters or Broadband over Powerline adaptors

Some people use wired internet by installing powerline adapters, which allow internet access through the building electrical circuit.  This method does eliminate the use of wifi, but we do not recommend them as they  create very high levels electromagnetic interference (EMI) and dirty electricity, and people have reported feeling unwell using them.  You are just replacing one problem with another.

Jeromy Johnson – EMF Analysis:

“Rather than using Wi-Fi or long, shielded Ethernet cables, some people use PLC (power-line communication) systems to transmit internet data around the home on the electrical wiring system. Unfortunately, these PLC systems create an incredibly high amount of EMI (“dirty electricity”) on your home wiring. This EMI then radiates into your living environment and is transmitted to your computer.”

Ethernet over power line (EOP/Powerline) the dangerous internet from the power point – GEOVITAL :

‘dLAN network adapters also put RF signals on your mains wiring and it is good to switch them off at night. The levels are vanishingly tiny when compared with wLAN / WiFi signals, however they may affect electrosensitive people. Please note: dLANs use frequencies above 150 kHz that can extend up to hundreds of MHz and these “common mode” signals (that are on all the 3 wires) are not detected by our meters, or by Stetzer DE meters.

dLAN broadband systems will usually work on circuits fitted with DE filters. This is because the RF that the dLAN needs to connect to the internet is fed along all the wires and so is not shorted out by the DE filter.’

Is Powerline Networking The Solution? Lloyd Burrell – ElectricSense:

“This goes under various names ‘powerline networking’,’broadband over power lines’ (BPL) or ‘Powerline Ethernet’. Whichever name is used the principle is the same, special adapters are used to send the Internet signal through your home or office wiring. What does this mean? It means you don’t need to have WiFi BUT these adapters do introduce radio frequency signals (RF radiation) on to your house wiring.

Combining RF radiation with power line frequency electrics is known to give rise to the phenomenon of ‘dirty electricity’. There are many health issues associated with dirty electricity. For this reason I do not recommend BPL as a safe alternative to WiFi.”

 Use a Corded Landline

sciopero-del-cellulareReplace cordless landline phones with corded phones. Most cordless (DECT) phones emit high microwave radiation all the time, even when not making a call, so a corded landline is the safer method. 

Limit use of Mobile/Smart Phone

Do not use, or at least limit your use of a mobile/smart phone. Use a corded landline instead.

Disable wifi settings, bluetooth, gps, location tracking,  apps, hotspots etc.

If you have to use a mobile phone – Text rather than call.

Use an air tube headset if you have to make calls or use the speaker phone facility – keeping the phone away from your head and body – AS OUTLINED IN THE FINE PRINT OF YOUR MOBILE PHONE MANUAL 

Normal headsets or wireless headsets are not recommended as they increase the radiation directly into your head.  An Airtube Headset is safer.

When not using your mobile phone, keep in airplane mode (with Wi-Fi, bluetooth, etc turned off) so you are exposed to less radiation.

Keep phone out of pockets and away from your body as much as possible.  All mobiles emit radiation even on standby, and some smart phones even when turned off.  

Keep mobile/smart phone out of and far away from your bedroom.  

Microwave Oven

Don’t use a microwave oven. Most ovens are not sealed correctly and emit extremely high radiation when in use. It’s also damaging to your food.

Did you know that the frequency used for microwave ovens to cook food is 2.4GHZ, the same frequency as WiFi, just at a higher power!

“ECO”, CFL and LED Lighting

Replace CFL (eco-bulbs), fluorescent bulbs  and LED lights with incandescent bulbs or halogen bulbs. They might use less energy, but they emit radiation and are extremely damaging to health. They also contribute to dirty electricity  Dirty Electricity

Dimmer switches should be replaced as they also create dirty electricity.

Wireless and Smart Devices and Appliances

Do not use any wireless devices in your home, including smart televisions, remote home energy systems, smart heating systems, virtual assistants, wireless alarms, wireless door bells etc.

Make sure that your TV is not a Smart TV.  Disable all wifi and bluetooth connections if you can.

Refuse to have a Smart Meter installed – you can not turn if off.

Electric and Magnetic Fields

Distance yourself from sources of electric and magnetic fields in your home/workplace. Do not sit or sleep near large appliances, fuse boxes, electric wiring.  Consult an EMF surveyor about this. 

Do not use an Induction cooker or hob as they produce extremely high magnetic fields.

Other sources

You may need to talk to your neighbours about their WiFi and cordless phones – they can have a range of up to 300m into your home, bedrooms  etc.

To block radiation from nearby mobile phone masts, tetra, neighbouring wifi and cordless phones, we recommend looking at shielding options for your home, ie, shielding paint, wallpapers and fabrics.  Bedroom canopies are also a good idea, as it is crucial to your health to protect your body from EMFs while sleeping. Contact an expert about your options.  See suppliers on our Help Page

More Information on reducing EMFs in your home 

Outside the home, avoid as much as possible areas with wifi and mobile phone masts and antennae

In the Bedroom

  • Keep Technology out of the bedroom.
  • Do not use electric blankets.
  • Remove electric clocks and other electrical devices from near your bed. Make sure the head of your bed is not near a socket.
  • Turn Bedroom Power Off: Consider turning off the power (at the electrical panel) to your bedroom (and adjacent rooms) while you sleep. Alternatively you can use a demand switch, which needs to be fitted by a qualified electrician.
  • Sleep on a non-metal sprung bed (the metal in spring beds can hold magnetic fields which act as antenna, exposing you to harmful EMF while you sleep).

In the Car or Travelling

  • Do not use a phone or wireless device when you are in a moving vehicle. When you are in a bus, train, car etc the phone or wifi antenna is working at maximum radiation to maintain communication with many mobile phone towers on the journey.  The metal enclosure traps most of the radiation inside the vehicle causing the Faraday cage effect.
  • Avoid using your mobile phone even in a parked car. Your car is an enclosed metal container and as such when a phone or wireless device is used in the interior you are exposing yourself to what scientists call the Faraday cage effect. The Faraday cage effect works a bit like a microwave oven, the signals bouncing around the vehicle passing through your body (and passengers) several times.
  • Have Bluetooth and wireless systems disabled if in your car.

Excellent and practical advice from Dr Erica Mallery-Blythe on how to reduce your exposure at home and at work, shield yourself and your home, hardwire your computer and protect yourself etc ….

Nutrition and Support

As with all illnesses, it is crucial to have a healthy diet and lifestyle to support your body and strengthen your immune system. Drink clean filtered water and avoid chemicals and additives in your diet. Eat organic foods when possible. 

Wear clothing with natural fibres, not synthetics, to avoid static build up.

Try to avoid wearing metal jewellery as these can ask as a conductor for EMFs and increase radiation absorption into your body and head.

Research shows that some natural supplements and foods can support your body to reduce effects of radiation. Seek advice from a nutritionalist and environmental medical expert.   Read more about nutritional support here 

This website also provides helpful advice on treatment and for ES sufferers.  EMFAnalysis

Heavy Metals, Chemicals and Amagam Fillings

Heavy metals in some foods from pesticides and chemicals,  as well as mercury in amalgam fillings, are linked to electrosensitivy.  Detox your body from heavy metals (consult a specialist) and consider having any amalgam fillings removed.

This must be done by a specialist dentist using safe removal procedures and there are some in Ireland. Heavy Metals Toxicity & EMFs

Effect of radiofrequency radiation from Wi-Fi devices on mercury release from amalgam restorations.

Multiple Chemical Sensitivities (MCS) 

Many people with EHS also develop multiple chemical sensitivities (MCS) which means they are unable to tolerate fragrances, perfumes and chemicals from everyday items. This can be extremely difficult nowadays as manufacturers are adding more and stronger fragrances to products.

EHS Aware Practitioners in Ireland

Natural Health Clinic, Dublin

Ishsko Dental Centre, Mayo

Coping with EHS symptoms can be difficult and painful in itself, but having to deal with the  ignorance and misunderstanding of others can lead to further isolation and depression. We recommend making contact with other EHS sufferers to get support and information, and see what other people may have found effective for them or not.  YOU ARE NOT ALONE