EMF Detection Meters

emf meters-1Meters listed below are recommended and popular, reasonably priced meters to measure EMF radiation : RF radiofrequency radiation; electric and magnetic fields.  They are produced by experts and tried, tested and recommended by many EMF experts as well people with EHS for basic EMF detection around the home, office and environment.

If you are unsure about what meter measures what, then please do your research and contact the suppliers before buying.  Some meters only measure RF wireless radiation, some only measure electric and magnetic fields.  Separate meters for dirty electricity are also available.

A few detection meters measure 3 different types of EMF radiation –  RF wireless radiation as well as magnetic and electric fields – Cornet, Trifield and Safe and Sound.

Other meters are available.

Acousticom 2 : to measure RF (radio frequency) – microwave radiation from phones, masts, smart devices, wifi, smart meters:

Acoustimeter :  to measure RF (radio frequency) – microwave radiation from phones, masts, smart devices, wifi,  smart meters:

Cornet ED88TPlus : to measure RF microwave radiation from phones, masts, smart devices wifi etc, AND Electric and Magnetic Fields

TriField® EMF Meter Model TF2 : RF microwave radiation  AND Electric and Magnetic Fields

Safe and Sound Pro II RF Meter : Quickly determine RF wireless radiation present in your environment within 200 MHz and 12 GHz

PF5 Pocket Power Frequencies Meter (ELF & VLF) : Electric and Magnetic Fields ONLY

Which Meter?

These websites provide helpful reviews on each meter :





Where to Buy

These meters and others are available from various websites listed below.  If possible please do not buy any of these items through Amazon  as you will be funding one of the most powerful corporations and one of the wealthiest men in the world who profits from manufacturing harmful microwave emitting devices and are also building 5G satellites.  https://www.cnbc.com/2019/04/05/jeff-bezos-amazon-internet-satellites-4-billion-new-customers.html.

Most are cheaper to buy from these sites

https://emf-protection.co.uk/product-category/emf-meters-and-monitors/  UK

https://www.emfuk.eu UK

https://www.emfhome.com/shop UK

https://www.beneficialenvironments.co.uk/product-category/meters/em-fields-meters/ UK

https://slt.co/Products/RFMeters/SafeandSoundProIIRFMeter.aspx Canada