EMF Detection Meters

Updated 3/3/22

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There are lots of EMF detection meters on the market these days,  from professional, to easy-to-use sensitive meters,  to  basic meters – and then some which are completely useless and inaccurate.

For EHS sufferers especially and anyone wanting to remediate and eliminate or greatly reduce harmful EMFs in their homes, offices etc it is recommended to get separate meters to measure RF, magnetic fields and electric fields, ie  Safe and Sound, EMFields Meters and Gigahertz Solutions.

The following EMF experts offer some important advice and recommendations on different meters:

Recommended EMF Meters

If you are unsure about what meter measures what, then please do your research and contact the suppliers before buying.  Some meters measure RF wireless radiation only, some only measure electric and magnetic fields, and a few measure all three.  Separate meters for dirty electricity are also available.

Acousticom 2 & Acoustimeter: to measure RF (radio frequency) – microwave radiation from phones, masts, smart devices, wifi, smart meters: https://emfields-solutions.com Stockists around the world

Cornet ED88TPlus : to measure RF microwave radiation from phones, masts, smart devices wifi etc, AND Electric and Magnetic Fields. A very reliable 3-in-1 meter. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oggnOVI3Q_8&t=9s (Tutorial on Cornet meter)

Safe and Sound Pro II RF Meter & Classic II : Quickly determine RF wireless radiation present in your environment within 200 MHz and 7.6GHz- very sensitive meters. (One drawback is that due to interference it is difficult to get a clear photo or recording of the display screen when in use.)   https://www.safeandsound-europe.com/ & https://www.yshield.com/en/measurement/

Esmog Spion : Much more sensitive than other meters listed, measures between 50Hz – 8GHz. https://www.esmog-shop.com/messtechnik/endotronic/267/hf-nf-5g-esmog-spion  and https://www.priggen.com/5G-Esmog-Spion

Gigahertz Solutions produce high quality, trusted professional meters and equipment https://www.gigahertz-solutions.de/en/measurement/

PF5 Pocket Power Frequencies Meter (ELF & VLF) : Electric and Magnetic Fields ONLY

Where to Buy

These meters and others are available from these well established and trusted companies

https://www.yshield.com/en/measurement/ Germany

https://www.radmeters.com/Cornet-ED88TPlus-tbyp.html  Israel (for Cornet meter, ask for the most up-to-date model)

https://www.safeandsound-europe.com/ Switzerland

https://www.gigahertz-solutions.de/en/measurement/ Germany

https://www.emfhome.com/shop UK

https://www.beneficialenvironments.couk/product-category/meters/em-fields-meters/ UK

https://emf-protection.co.uk/product-category/emf-meters-and-monitors/  UK

https://www.emfuk.co.uk/collections/combined-meters UK