On 23rd February 2022, the Irish government launched a public consultation on Ireland’s Digital Connectivity Strategy.

Please take this opportunity to let the government know your concerns about the roll-out of 5G (all populated areas covered by 2030) and densification of all wireless and ‘smart’ technology across Ireland.

The closing date for submissions is 5.30pm 31 March 2022


More information from   Silicon Republic.com

How to have your say on Ireland’s Digital Connectivity Strategy – Irish Government opens public consultation

The latest prong in the Government’s national digital strategy is seeking views from the public and industry.

The Government has opened a public consultation on its draft strategy for a more digitally connected Ireland.

This strategy aims to leverage fixed and mobile networks in support of the Irish economy as well as improved social inclusion. It sets out targets for the telecommunications sector to meet by 2030, as well as the “key enablers” needed to reach these goals. ….

What’s in the Digital Connectivity Strategy?

As a pillar of the broader national strategy, the Digital Connectivity Strategy focuses on the digital infrastructure needed to underpin it. The 14-page draft paper can be downloaded via the Government website.

Investment in energy efficiency, network integrity and security are all encouraged, while both direct and indirect Government support will facilitate the modernising of existing networks and a transition to gigabit and 5G broadband across the country. The Government’s investment includes the €2.7bn already committed through the National Broadband Plan.

Overall targets are to provide gigabit broadband to all Irish households and businesses no later than 2028, have all populated areas covered by 5G no later than 2030, and complete the network serving remote working hubs and all schools by next year.

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