Pylons & Powerlines


The health implications for those living in close proximity to electricity pylons and powerlines are of huge concern, particularly now in Ireland. The voltage from powerlines is 1000s of times higher than those from household electrical items and give off huge amounts of magnetic and electric fields. A safe distance from them may well be over 200 metres. In 2003 a UK Government funded study was presented to the UK Department of Health, suggesting that living within 100 metres of a high voltage powerlines can double the likelihood leukaemia in children aged under 15 years old.
Source: Greenwatchhealth

Powerwatch Information

Living by Powerlines

In Ireland, Eirgrid are planning the installation of hundreds of pylons across the countryside. There is widespread opposition to this due to health and environmental concerns. These concerns are legitimate as many already living close to pylons are presenting with cancers and other health problems.


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