Below are powerful warnings from International and Irish authorities admitting that children are  especially vulnerable to exposure to electromagnetic and microwave radiation, and that precaution is necessary when using phones and wireless devices. Yet decision makers are inactive in many countries, including Ireland.

International EMF Scientist Appeal

May 2015 – Scientists submit Letter of Appeal to Secretary General of United Nations, Director General of World Health Organisation and United Nations Member States, with over 200 signatories to date.

“We are scientists engaged in the study of biological and health effects of non-ionizing electromagnetic fields (EMF). Based upon peer-reviewed, published research, we have serious concerns regarding the ubiquitous and increasing exposure to EMF generated by electric and wireless devices. These include – but are not limited to – radiofrequency radiation (RFR) emitting devices, such as cellular and cordless phones and their base stations, Wi-Fi, broadcast antennas, smart meters, and baby monitors as well as electric devices and infra-structures used in the delivery of electricity that generate extremely-low frequency electromagnetic field (ELF EMF).”  Read Appeal Letter Here

Ireland – Department of Health & Children

June 2011 “CHILDREN should only use mobile phones “for essential purposes” as they are far more vulnerable to cancer-causing radiation, according to advice from the Department of Health” Dr Tony Holohan, Chief Medical Officer  http://www.irishhealth.com

“We may not truly understand the health affects of mobile phones for many years. However, research does show that using mobile phones affects brain activity. There is general consensus that children are more vulnerable to radiation from mobile phones than adults. Therefore the sensible thing to do is to adopt a precautionary approach rather than wait to have the risks confirmed.”  DEPT OF HEALTH PRESS RELEASE       

Ireland – Oireachtas Warning Bill (not enacted)

An un-enacted  Irish Mobile Phone Radiation Warning Bill 2011 indicates recognition of a need to introduce precautionary measures (especially for children and pregnant women) but unfortunately our government is unwilling to bring forward the legislation concerning mobile phones. Mobile Phone Bill 2011  Oireachtas.ie

Irish Doctors Environmental Association 2013

February 2013, a letter was sent to every school in Ireland expressing concern about the ubiquitous use of WiFi in Irish schools and alerting head teachers to the health risks to children of wifi radiation exposure https://iervn.files.wordpress.com/2018/07/idea-wifi-in-schools-2013.pdf

February 2019 – On the Clear Evidence of the Risks to Children from Smartphone and WiFi Radio Frequency Radiation – Professor Tom Butler UCC


Council of Europe Parliamentary Assembly Resolution 2011

8.3. concerning the protection of children:

8.3.1. develop within different ministries (education, environment and health) targeted information campaigns aimed at teachers, parents and children to alert them to the specific risks of early, ill-considered and prolonged use of mobiles and other devices emitting microwaves;

8.3.2. for children in general, and particularly in schools and classrooms, give preference to wired Internet connections, and strictly regulate the use of mobile phones by school children on school premises; see full text here

Bioiniative Report 2012

“Precautionary measures are of particular importance in regard to children, who are generally more biologically sensitive, may be unable to protect themselves; and for whom such exposures may carry greater life-time health risks than they do for adults.”     https://bioinitiative.org/wpcontent/uploads/pdfs/sec23_2012_The_Precautionary_Principle.pdf

Read Bioiniative Report Here

Americal Academy of Environmental Medicine

November 2013 re Wifi in Schools  “There is consistent, emerging science that shows people, especially children who are more vulnerable due to developing brains and thinner skulls, are being affected by the increasing exposure to wireless radiation…It is better to exercise caution and substitute with a safe wired connection ” Read here

American Academy of Paediatrics

August 2013 “Protect children’s health and well-being. Children are not little adults and are disproportionately impacted by all environmental exposures, including cell phone radiation. Current FCC standards do not account for the unique vulnerability and use patterns specific to pregnant women and children. It is essential that any new standard for cell phones or other wireless devices be based on protecting the youngest and most vulnerable populations to ensure they are safeguarded throughout their lifetimes.”  Read here 

Australia – Australian Radiation Protection and Nuclear Safety Agency – ARPANSA

“The technology is new and it’s impossible to be completely sure there isn’t some risk. This is particularly true for children where there is little research evidence.” Read here

ICNIRP (International Commission on Non-Ionising Radiation) 2002

ICNIRP  advises governments that there are sub-groups in the population which need safety levels below ICNIRP’s limits which were designed only to prevent 6-minute heating effects from electromagnetic exposure on healthy adult males:

“This document explains the approach that ICNIRP uses in providing advice on protection against non-ionizing radiation (NIR) exposure to serve both as a guide for the understanding of ICNIRP’s documents and for its future work …

Different groups in a population may have differences in their ability to tolerate a particular NIR exposure. For example, children, the elderly, and some chronically ill people might have a lower tolerance for one or more forms of NIR exposure than the rest of the population. Under such circumstances, it may be useful or necessary to develop separate guideline levels for different groups within the general population, but it may be more effective to adjust the guidelines for the general population to include such groups.”  
(WHO agency ICNIRP: ICNIRP (2002) “General approach to protection against non-ionizing radiation”Health Phys. 82(4): 540-548;PMID: 11906144.)

2014 – Scientists warn Wireless Electrosmog a Risk to Health

The Irish government and decision makers have been inactive in heeding any of these warnings (even their own).  In contrast, the governments of France, Belgium, Israel, Finland, Russia, and India have all taken policy or legislative steps towards reducing children’s exposure to radiation from wireless devices – ranging from banning the marketing of cell phones to children under 14 to restricting wireless routers at schools.