Pregnancy & Babies

Pregnant women would be wise to avoid mobile, smartphone and wifi use as much as possible. Even in utero, babies can absorb electromagnetic radiation from what is around their mother.

Considering high electromagnetic and microwave pollution (and the fact that we use more and more electric and electronic devices every day), there is a special concern for expecting mothers and the influence EMF’s have on foetuses and DNA damage.

Studies show possible connection between EMF radiation and miscarriages, birth defects, autism in newborn babies, attention deficit disorder, neurological dysfunction, hyperactivity, learning disorders, childhood asthma etc.

Newest studies have even discovered heavy EMF exposure during pregnancy can possibly cause DNA mutation, both in males (sperm DNA damage) and females (foetus DNA damage, especially during early embryonic development).

baby safeA group of concerned physicians, scientists and educators have recently come together to launch The Baby Safe Project, to help inform women of the risks that wireless radiation poses and to urge expectant mothers to limit their exposures. 


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We advise the following:

  • limit mobile and smart phone use, and avoid spending time in areas with wifi (cafes etc)
  • replace wifi, cordless phones, and wireless baby monitors with safer wired alternatives (radiation from wireless baby monitors)
  • never put a mobile/smart phone in a baby backpack, in a bag, or on a pram cover near baby’s head
  • never use mobiles in a moving vehicle, especially with baby or children on board
  • examine EMF levels in sleeping areas for mother and baby and ensure they are safe

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