Diplomat Injured by RF, Sue US Government for Disability Discrimination


By: Dafna Tachover Esq., MBA

On Dec. 8, 2021, Mark Lenzi,one of the diplomats who developed what has been referred to as the “Havana Syndrome,” filed a lawsuit against the US State Department alleging disability discrimination. 

It is the first known lawsuit to be filed by one of the diplomats who developed the condition. The now widely accepted explanation for the syndrome is an injury from pulsed radio-frequency (RF) radiation. The condition is the same as Microwave  Sickness / Electro-Sensitivity, suffered by people injured by pulsed RF from commercial wireless technology. 

Lenzi was a State Department officer. He and his wife and children began experiencing “sudden and unexplained mental and physical symptoms, including headaches, lightheadedness, nausea, nosebleeds, sleeplessness, and memory loss.” 

According to the suit, Lenzi and his wife both took the Havana Acquired Brain Injury Test (HABIT) to assess their conditions. Both demonstrated brain injury symptoms consistent with exposure to RF.

Lenzi’s lawsuit alleges that the State Department failed to provide him with reasonable accommodation in violation of section 501 of the Rehabilitation Act. He also claims that the State Department has retaliated against him for being vocal about the injury and for sending an unclassified email to colleagues “warning them about the potential danger to their health and safety.” According to the lawsuit, the email prompted the State Department to order him to undergo a psychiatric evaluation

In 2018 Lenzi participated in a 60 Minutes program about the sickness suffered by the US diplomats in Cuba and China. In the program the diplomats accused the government of trying to silence the issue and ignoring their affliction. In his interview, Lenzi claimed that the cause of injury was RF.

In 2018 Prof. Beatrice Golomb MD. PhD., of the University of California School of Medicine published a peer-reviewed paper showing that the likely cause of the diplomats’ symptoms is pulsed RF exposure, and that their condition is similar to the condition suffered by many due to exposure to pulsed RF from commercial wireless technology. 

Following the growing pressure as a result of the media coverage, the State Department finally took action and tasked a National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine Committee with examining the health problems experienced by the US foreign services personnel in Cuba. The committee report, published in December 2020, came to the same conclusion that Prof. Golomb had reached: the diplomats’ problems were likely caused by exposure to pulsed RF/MW

Professor Golomb was invited by the National Academy of Sciences to present and discuss her findings. Nevertheless, her paper was not referenced in the report. It is unlikely a mistake. One cannot exclude the possibility that it is an effort to eliminate any association the public might make with harm from commercial wireless technology.

In the past few months diplomats stationed in Germany and Austria have also complained about similar symptoms. After reports of the sickness also occurring in Vietnam, Vice President Harris canceled a scheduled trip

The overwhelming evidence of adverse effects of pulsed RF from commercial wireless devices and infrastructure and growing reports of diplomats’ sickness raises the question that perhaps the diplomats’ symptoms are not a result of a directed RF attack but in fact from the embassy’s own RF equipment.

 Another diplomat who has been vocal in describing the disregard, denial and abuse by the government is Mark Polymeropoulos. He is a former CIA operative who had previously been shot at several times. In an interview he explained that considering the mistreatment he has experienced because of developing this condition, he “had rather been shot.” 

The diplomats’ sickness creates a problem for the US government. If the diplomats are sick from pulsed RF, then how can the government continue to deny the sickness from wireless technology? Indeed, in a recent hearing in the Pennsylvania Supreme Court regarding the smart meter mandate, Justice Kevin M. Dougherty made the connection between the consumers’ sickness from smart meters and the “Havana syndrome.” Hopefully this case will help expose the US government fraud regarding the denial of RF harms, especially electro-sensitivity.


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