In Memory of Professor Franz Adlkofer who died in June 2022

image-1Professor Franz Adlkofer was co-ordinator of the REFLEX Project, funded by the European Commission from 2000 to 2004.  It was considered at that time to be the most important project in basic research investigating the biological effects of Electromagnetic Fields (EMF) on cell systems, below present safety levels i.e. those produced by the ICNIRP (International Commission for Non-ionising Radiation Protection).  The REFLEX results summarised the effects of exposures to various EMF frequencies and found, in short, powerful genotoxic effects, DNA strand breaks, chromosomal aberrations and intracellular free radicals. 

The REFLEX Project results, which emerged at a time when UMTS (3G) mobile phone systems were being deployed around Europe, led to an unexpected antagonistic response from the media, political agencies and particularly from the Telecom industry.  Allegations regarding the validity of the results and accusations of data falsification and scientific misconduct were made from the time the study was released, in spite of the fact that the study had been carried out by 12 research groups from seven European Countries.

One of Professor Adlkofer’s persistent critics, Professor Alexander Lerchl, was taken to Court for spreading falsifications about the findings of the study.  The case eventually ended up being heard before the Hanseatic Higher Regional Court of Bremen in 2021, where a final ban on Professor Lerchl making allegations of fraud and campaigning against the findings of the REFLEX Study was issued.  Throughout the intervening years it appears Professor Lerchl had performed a ‘U-Turn’ (Microwave News March 13, 2015) when, on leading a study himself, higher rates of cancer among mice exposed to EMF was discovered. 

Despite the findings of genotoxiciity and DNA damage in the REFLEX Study, the UMTS (3G) system continued to be ‘rolled out’ across Europe.

Professor Adlkofer’s experience of the hostility he received was echoed in lectures he gave at a number of later events including the Center for Ethics at Harvard Law School (2011), as Executive Director of the VERUM Foundation for Behaviour and Environment.  Here he raised the issues of “institutional corruption”, laying pressure on and obstructing scientific researchers in the field of EMF who were assessing its potential health effects.  In October 2018 Professor Adlkofer wrote an article for the Pandora foundation for Independent Research upon recognising a similar pattern of aggression from ICNIRP and industry-led scientists when the National Toxicology Program (NTP) results were released (2016).  This study demonstrated clear evidence of particular tumours and an increase in DNA damage after exposure to EMF. Professor Aldkofer’s article, “How the Mobile Communication Industry Deals with Science as Illustrated by ICNIRP versus NTP” voiced his awareness about the strategic placement of ‘compliant scientists, whose preferred opinion was more important than their qualifications’ {and who} were generously supported and, by using political connections, placed in national and international advisory and decision-making bodies.’  He criticised the ICNIRP set-up which, he stated, had ‘ensured that {the} mobile communication industry is not only dominating the technical research  …  but also the biological research – this at the expense of the human health.’

Despite the findings of the REFLEX and NTP studies, those in decision-making positions have continued to allow the exponential rise in 3G and 4G LTE along with WiFi, wireless radiation infrastructure and numerous usable devices.  Currently 5G is being deployed on every inch of the earth and is also being radiated onto the earth from satellites in space.   

Finally, Professor Adlkofer released the story of Paster Carsten Häublein who suffered from Electrohypersensitivity/Microwave sickness (EHS) for many years and for whom the continuous tortuous stress of the effects of EMF saw him take his own life in 2013.  This story was an important means of confirming the truth of the daily reality of EHS sufferers who are affected by EMF. Three years after the event Professor Adlkofer decided to publicise the story as an example of “Electrosensitivity experienced by an electrosensitive person”.

Rest in Peace Professor Adlkofer and Paster Carsten Häublein

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Professor Franz Adlkofer: “ Electrosensitivity experienced by an electrosensitive person”

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