Insights on Wireless Radiation from a Physicist – Dr Leendert Vriens

With thanks to Dr. Leendert Vriens, Physicist and Lyn McLean, Director of EMR Australia

Perhaps you’d like to know more about the radiofrequency (wireless) radiation that’s generally present in our homes and communities. You might be wondering:

• how do we know whether wireless radiation is harmful?

• what about 5G? Is it a risk to our health?

• could wireless radiation be more dangerous than the radiation we get from natural sources, such as the sun?

• even if it’s non-ionizing?

• can it harm our bodies, even though it doesn’t heat them? (Australian and international standards are based on preventing the heating effects of radiation.)

• do these standards protect us?

• what can we do to protect ourselves and our families?

Leendert Vriens

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