Every Aspect of My Life is Affected – ‘Rosie Burns’, Wexford

When did you first start to develop EHS/Microwave sickness, or make the link that your symptoms were caused by RF/EMFs?

My symptoms began in August 1994 when an electricity fault caused a leakage of stray current under my home which went undetected on the power line for almost two years. There was also a signal from an Eircom mobile phone mast over the area. I developed nerve pain in my lower legs which ceased when I was outdoors. This burning pain progressed up my legs, eventually up my spinal cord and affected all organs supplied by these nerves. While in the house the pain was severe – I had now become so intolerant to electric and magnetic fields that I couldn’t be near them.  Even being close to a plug socket caused me pain.

Visits to my GP, physician, neurologist and allergist proved inconclusive. All my medical and blood tests were negative but my condition was deteriorating rapidly. I reacted to the drugs prescribed and developed a severe reaction to certain foods. My GP said he could not treat me because what I had was bizarre.

I began researching the problem myself. I noted when I was outside, I felt better but soon started to feel electromagnetic radiation all around me in the air which caused me headaches, eye soreness and my skin began to burn.  I became nauseated, developed irritable bowel and frequency of micturition.  My weight dropped from 8 1/2 stone to just 7 stone. I felt if I did not leave the house my life was under threat. Stress became a daily companion.

We installed a new garden shed away from the house and I slept there without electricity and my symptoms reduced.   In 1997 I moved into a larger wooden house with no electricity built on the land and I continued to feel better.

However, in 1998 my symptoms returned with a vengeance coupled with acute hearing problems and severe noise. I discovered that new mobile phone masts had been installed on the mountain overlooking my home. The signal noise continued non-stop 24/7 and because I couldn’t sleep, I would drive around at night to find somewhere quiet to rest my head.

When a new water tower was built nearby with mobile phone antennae installed, I could feel the microwave radiation increase and my symptoms worsened to the point where I contemplated suicide.

In 2004 a powerful generator installed on the mountain added considerably to my symptoms.  It can vary in power and is usually turned up at night time – I can feel and hear it – humming, buzzing and it is like a switch being activated in my brain, causing me severe agitation and burning pain.

The severe hissing swirling pulsing signals are now everywhere – I cannot live in my home with constant microwave radiation from mobile phone masts wireless broadband taking over, and the noise and vibration from the generators. My head becomes numb with spread of the now 4G signals which started in April/May 2019. I was forced to move near to the sea to a mobile home where I was relatively symptomless except for the noise pollution.  Then in September 2019, another wireless broadband company unleashed its superfast Wi-Fi signals over the area resulting in many sleepless nights since then.

Today, I am moving from place to place but there is now no area free from this noise pollution and wireless radiation. What the future holds I dare not contemplate. I’m not living – I’m only trying to exist in this ever-increasing microwave pollution.

What are your symptoms?

Nerve pain all over my body. Headaches, eye soreness and pain.

Numbness in my head.

Ear pain and hissing, humming, sizzling, swirling and pulsing noise from the different frequencies 24/7.

Scalding of skin, sometimes blistering.

Thyroid pressure, chest, shoulder, hip, knee join pain

Irregularity of heart rhythm and severe stress.

Nausea and diarrhoea.

Unable to sleep


How does it affect your life on a day-to-day basis – home, work, socially?

Every aspect of my life is affected. My nursing career came to an end. Since 1994 I have had to resort to sleeping in a garden shed, mobile homes, a timber house with no electricity, at the homes of friends and family and have even slept in my car. I had to leave my home, husband and family and live alone.

I have moved almost 50 times, and am still currently unable to live in peace in my own home.

I am 80 years old. Trying to stay alive is my main objective now.

What changes have you had to make in your life to reduce your exposure to RF/EMF radiation (eg, moving house, leaving work, shielding)?

I went from my family home, to sleeping in a garden shed, a mobile home, had a timber electricity free home built but that was soon bombarded by mobile phone mast radiation, radio-frequency and wireless signals. I have tried all sorts of shielding materials, paints, covering myself in shielding at night time.  I had someone paint a room in my timber house with specialist shielding but it didn’t help.

I have spent many years contacting the mobile companies responsible to turn down the signal strength or remove the signal away from my home, but they didn’t help.  After years of contacting Government Departments, my local council and county councillors and Comreg, monitoring was carried out of EMF emissions, but I was told the levels were all well within ICNIRP guidelines and there was nothing they could do – or would do.

How do your family and friends respond to your situation?

Initially there were sceptical of my condition but now know it is real and that my condition is caused by RF and EMF sources.

How does your doctor, health professional respond to your EHS?

My GP is very supportive and knowledgeable of this condition. I also attend a kinesiologist who is helpful and knowledgeable about the biological effects of RF and EMFs

What do you think our government and decision makers should do?

Allocate areas for us to live free from all this microwave RF and wireless signals.

Acknowledge that this condition exists and provide supports to those of us affected.

There have been thousands of scientific studies reporting toxic side effects of RF and EMF radiation but our authorities down through the years keep quoting the  2007 Irish Report which has misleading information on it.

How do you feel about the roll-out of further 4G, 5G, smart meters and LED street lighting in your area and across Ireland?

Horrified and distressed by the further pollution of our environment and the pain and suffering it is causing us EHS sufferers and is going to cause to our children, teenagers, young adults and the aged.

There will be no escape and I feel more ill health and suicides will rise.

Anything else you would like to say?

The sheer torture and stress this “microwaving of our planet” will cause will eventually make us Irish citizens a very ill population. Those of us who die will, I hope, be at peace, and those who survive and are being microwaved, will wish they were dead.

Our atmosphere is so polluted by this technology that life on earth eventually will end.

I was a nursing professional and held many important positions during my career but this all ended with man-made electromagnetic and wireless microwave pollution.  My life was turned upside down 25 years ago. From being a very sociable person, I was forced to retreat to being alone and lonely, cut off initially from family and friends unable to live a normal and healthy life and moving from place to place in the search for peace.