11 November 2015

From John Weigel

leixlip esb mast

“…. an egregious mast – a public eyesore and danger – has been ordered to be removed by the national planning body of Ireland, An Bord Pleanala. It sets a country-wide precedent.

It is the result of a process. The timeline is:

Magda Havas wrote a letter outlining the dangers of microwaves

The letter was published in the Liffey Champion local newspaper

Olle Johansson was invited to address the community with members of the Irish Environmental Radiation Victims Network (IERVN)

An Irish politician, Catherine Murphy, attended Johansson’s lecture. She, along with others, opposed renewal of the planning permission for this very large mast.

Desmond Guinness had a mast removed from his lands

The town council gave it’s support.

The community was leafleted several times.

Joshua Hart, from California, of Stop Smart Meters addressed a group at Leixlip Castle

All county councillors and elected officials at the central government receive weekly Updates

Paediatric Consultant Dr. Hilllary Hoey (whose historic home is beneath the mast) came forth in opposition to the mast

The national planning authority requires removal (albeit within a two year time frame)

It is important for residents and village passers-through because the mast must go before the introduction of 5G technology.”

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