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Jenny Fry’s life became a misery due to her electro-hypersensitivity which was apparently caused by wifi (Image: SWNS)

A leading cancer expert has called for a ban on school wifi networks over fears they could put children’s health at risk.

Dr Anthony Miller, an advisor to the World Health Organisation, says pupils could suffer long-term effects from exposure to the radio waves.

He warned: “Radiation from mobile phones and other wireless devices can cause changes in DNA and induce cancer in experimental animals.

“Children’s skulls are thinner and absorb much more of this radiation. We ignore this at our future peril.”

Campaigners claim an increasing number of people suffer from “electromagnetic sensitivity” – leading to symptoms from a lack of concentration to headaches and nosebleeds.

In one disturbing case, a 15-year-old is said to have taken her own life after being overwhelmed by tiredness, dizzy spells and even itchy skin due to wifi networks at her school.

Eventually Jenny took her own life and her mum believes radio waves are responsible for her suffering(Image: Newsteam/SWNS)

We also found children removed from class by their parents after they began to suffer nausea and concentration issues – and even a teacher who claims he was affected himself.  READ FULL ARTICLE HERE




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WIFI WARNING – Cancer expert claims school wifi networks could put pupils at risk because they ‘absorb radiation’.

Dr Anthony Miller believes wireless internet should be considered as dangerous as tobacco and asbestos to schoolchildren

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