THE TESTIMONY OF THE TREES – New Poetry Book Raises Awareness on EMF

Lynne Wycherley’s new volume is a prayer for the living world in the face of dark digital trends. In an age increasingly swallowed up by wireless radiation, corporate greed, and addiction to small screens, embattled trees, children – and even DNA – shimmer with endangered beauty. Long-known as a lyrical poet, and more recently as a science writer, Wycherley has brought the two dimensions together in her new collection. Her closing poems return us to the spiritual world of nature that has always been close to her heart.

“In this inspiring collection, Lynne Wycherley paints pictures with words that capture the exquisite connections among living creatures and the dangers posed by the unprecedented rising sea of radiofrequency radiation” Dr Devra Davis, Nobel laureate, President, Environmental Health Trust

“Wycherley is a real Renaissance woman… She has the courage to ask the questions we should all be asking” Dr Olle Johansson, Professor Emeritus, Karolinska Institute

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