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On 25th January 2020, as part of a global 5G awareness day, 270 events took place in 38 countries worldwide. In Ireland, around 130 people gathered in St Stephen’s Green and walked to the Dail. Speakers at the event included Diarmaid Mulcahy, Tony Hughes, Michele Kennedy, Mike Putt and John Weigel. The event was covered by TG4 and also appeared on RTE “Nuacht”.

This short video is a very visual and informative summary of this ground breaking citizens march, and features some extracts from the speeches on the day as well as an educative clip from the Environmental Health Trust ( explaining the effects of wireless devices on children.

5G (not to be confused with 5GHZ) is the latest generation of wireless networks and devices which will enable the “internet of things”, whereby some appliances in or near your home will be connected to control them. Examples include smart fridges, driverless cars and buses in “smart” cities and villages.

5G is forecast to increase electromagnetic radiation levels between 10 and 100’s of times the current 4G levels, which has given rise to strong concerns worldwide, with Brussels choosing to halt the technology, and many cities and counties in Ireland, Italy and UK, amongst other countries, issuing moratoriums asking for more research to be done before the new technology is deployed.

Electromagnetic radiation is a class 2B (possible carcinogen) since 2011, and many independent scientists such as Professor Olle Johansson and Lennart Hardell from Sweden believe it should be a 1A (definite carcinogen) due to the 7000-10000 mostly peer reviewed studies showing it can cause very harmful effects, from cardiac and reproductive issues, DNA damage possibly leading to cancer and neurological diseases such as Alzheimer’s, not to mention the detrimental effects on plants, insects and our environment.

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Scientists warn of potential serious health effects of 5G (2017)…

Resolution 1815 (2011)…

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