January 2016 Letter to Senior Engineer, Environment, Wexford Country Council Re : ‘THE HUM’



It has come to my notice that you have been asked to deal with the issue of “the hum” by some members of the public who are suffering with the environmental impairment electrohypersensitivity (EHS) – some of these, as yet, are not aware that this is what their symptoms relate to.

Since the vast accumulation of our modern technological gadgets we have all been more intensively subjected to an environment laden with electromagnetic fields (extremely low frequency and radio frequency fields or EMF/ELF/RF).  It is estimated that our electromagnetic fields are now one million billion times greater than the natural electromagnetic background that has taken humans and other living organisms millions of years to adapt to. Since identifying the fact that my own unexplained ill health was related to EMF/ELF/RF I began to research this field of study along with its effects on health and the environment.

I will not go on about this in a broad sense but will concentrate on “the hum”/noise/vibrations that thousands of people are now experiencing.  Studies refer to this as the auditory perception of radiofrequency fields/microwave hearing, particularly pulsed or modulated microwaves, which travel through everything, including concrete, our homes and our bodies.  Many consequential sufferers have no option but to move around, live in sheds or create noise that will mask “the hum“; 24/7, 365 days a year.

The Government/Department of the Environment are aware of this auditory effect as it is mentioned in the ICNIRP guidelines that they base their standards of EMF/RF upon “Microwave hearing“; is described in these guidelines as “stressful and potentially harmful“;.

I am not an expert in the mechanics of “the hum” but my research advises that it stems from the emissions/resonances of mobile phone base stations and also from the way the powergrid is being used to enable our “smart” society.  The low frequency pulsing and modulations of signals from mobile phone base stations leads to acoustic resonances in the air and these can travel for miles. Also, the digital/smart grid, which is a two-way communication system (transmits/receives), has now been installed onto our electrical infrastructure/powerlines, which are traditionally a one-way system.   As a result of this, our infrastructure has been turned into a huge antenna. Many problems related to “dirty electricity” have emerged. Health problems issuing from both of these sources of EMF/RF i.e. mobile phone base stations and two-way wireless communication devices such as water and electricity meters placed on a one-way infrastructure, are now pervasive.  The very serious levels of radiation, which are in the very atmosphere/environment we live in are irradiating all living things 24/7 and are bioactive and carcinogenic. Microwave hearers can sense these waves and pulses acoustically and physically.
As a means of sharing knowledge I enclose references to some research papers that clearly demonstrate various levels of power density and their corresponding physical effects on humans.  On the information produced by Arthur Firstenberg I have highlighted microwave hearing for your attention. For more in-depth study I would refer you to Allan Frey”s work Human Auditory System Response to Modulated Electromagnetic Energy (1962).  It was Frey who originally discovered this phenomenon.  An excellent broad paper is The Auditory Perception of Radio-frequency electromagnetic Fields by Chung-Kwang Chou and Arthur W. Guy.  How the Hum works physically is well documented in the work of Ronald Seaman”s paper The Transmission of Intracranial Sound to the Inner Ear is Most Likely Through Cranial Aqueducts.  Finally, I enclose information, simply called “the hum” sourced from http://archive.is/vSMuu.  Tables/diagrams omitted on this paper are available on the site.  These research papers will provide you with broad knowledge regarding “the hum”.

It will be extremely difficult to deal with this issue efficiently or even effectively as the truth about EMF (non-thermal, pulsed and continuous) health effects is being suppressed.  Governments seem now to be managed by industry and the impending signing of the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP), can be seen as a threat to the preservation of legislation regarding public health and our environment.  If signed, the country can be taken to court for “harming the investments” of large corporations.

You may respond to this information or not but please remember that children are being born today who will never know what silence is.
Hope this was helpful
Access to Tables:
Table of Effects by SAR or POWER DENSITY – note under Power Density that Microwave Hearing occurs at 20mW/m2 and a number of scientific research papers are alluded to.
and the table of some biological effects of radio wave from: Arthur Firstenberg in his Radio Wave Packet, 2001, accessed from the Cellular Phone Task Force at: