Bacteria, mobile phones & WiFi - a deadly combination ...

With a career spanning 40 years, funding for Professor Olle Johansson’s research abruptly ended in 2017 at the Karolinska Institute, Stockholm, Sweden, following forced retirement. Johansson is a world-leading expert in how mast cells in our skin and lungs react to electromagnetic fields, other adverse health effects of cell phone and WiFi radiation, and the no. one when it comes to the functional impairment electrohypersensitivity; see 

“The world may be moving inexorably,” Johansson warns, “toward one of those tragic moments that will lead historians to ask: Why did they not act in time?”

Johansson’s research will further improve our understanding of how and why electromagnetic fields are harming humans, other animals, plants and bacteria.

Funding will be used to support Professor Johansson’s ongoing and soon-to-be-started, collaborative projects such as:

a) Expanding the current knowledge of the health impacts of 5G, as well as of the previous versions, 1G – 4G, and of other sources of artificial electromagnetic fields, including powerlines, smart meters, microwave ovens, low-energy light bulbs, etc. (these projects are in collaboration with different scientists around the world).

b) Producing a public demonstration kit to be used in front of politicians, civil servants, TEDtalk audiences and TV reporters to clearly show negative impacts of 5G exposure (in consultation with Mr. Kim Horsevad, Denmark).

c) Study the symptoms among persons with the functional impairment electrohypersensitivity as compared to healthy persons in the Japanese public transport system (project headed by Dr. Yasuko Kato, Japan).

d) Investigate the reactions of, and protection of, plants to artificial electromagnetic fields (EMFs), particularly from wireless gadgets (project in collaboration with Dr. Aaron Pilarcik, USA).

e) Frequency medicine/energy medicine for human illnesses – cure or fantasy? (Collaborative partner yet pending.)

f) Trying various technical solutions to reduce the exposure and the possible health impact(s) of wireless systems (in collaboration with technical laboratories).

g) Producing information material for the general public and for media.

h) Engage in the “Phonegate” scientific committee.

Please support Professor Olle Johansson’s efforts economically via his special bank account in Nordea, clearing number 3300, account number 5308130177.

Nordea Bank, Folkungagatan 94, 116 22 Stockholm, Sweden

IBAN-nummer SE8430000000005308130177


Olle Johansson
Rådjursvägen 3
130 56 Utö


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