On 28th January 2021, RTE 1 broadcast a programme by ECO Eye on the dangers of radiation.  The show mainly dealt with Radon gas but there was also mention of EMF radiation and 5G. 

The presenter, Dr Kambamettu, a psychologist  and Dr McMahon from the EPA, were quick to dismiss and “debunk” some “myths” about health effects from wireless radiation, and state  ‘that the man-made radiation that everyone is afraid of, is not worth being worried about’.

Following this programme in January, letters were sent to Dr Kambamettu, the EPA, Earth Horizons and Duncan Stewart, the producers of the programme.

Letter to Eco-Eye episode “Radiation: The Silent Killer”  RTE1 (copies sent to production company Earth Horizons and Duncan Stewart)

Email sent to  Dr Kambamettu re Eco-Eye episode – David Sullivan

No responses were received.

The programme was repeated on Monday 19th July 2021.  Comments, with links to peer-reviewed scientific studies etc. were made on Eco-Eye’s facebook page but quickly disappeared. Comments made on their You Tube page also disappeared.

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