Electromagnetic Radiation – The Modern Dilemma – Anthony Hughes B.Sc, Dip.Chem.Eng., Dip. Stats. & O.R.,

Electromagnetic Radiation – The Modern Dilemma

A review of the history, hidden dangers, untested technologies and alternative solutions

tony hughes

Written and Compiled by  Anthony Hughes
B.Sc, Dip.Chem.Eng.,
Dip. Stats. & O.R.,
Licentiate in Traditional Chinese Medicine
Clinical Certificate (Nanjing) China

This is important for all of us, especially our children and the future generations.

This review on the unrecognised and hidden dangers to health of WiFi, mobile phones and contaminated electricity is lengthy and detailed, due to the manifold aspects of this technology.

I urge everybody to at least read the summary, and hopefully it will encourage you to read more, after your  curiosity and instinct for self preservation and health is aroused. See also the preface on page three.

I encourage everybody to distribute this review to others, and, if you have any comments on any aspect of the document, I would welcome it.

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Anthony Hughes
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