24 October 2020


To: His Excellency António Guterres, His ExcellencyTedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus,andOtherEsteemed UN and WHO Officials:

The subject of my letter: The serious truth about wireless 2G, 3G, 4G, 5G needs to be urgently heeded -before the rollout of 5G results inan increase in the permittedlevels of electromagnetic microwave radiation across the planet.

My name is Olle Johansson, and I am an associate professor, retired from the world-famous Karolinska Institute and the equally famous Royal Institute of Technology, Stockholm, Sweden, both with their close associations to the Nobel Prizes in Physiology or Medicine, Chemistry and Physics, and I am submitting this testimony because I understand that you at present might be concerned about the fast deployment of 5G wireless systems both internationally as well as locally, without adequate sharing of information with the public.

I have been contacted before by many, many residents of our beautiful countries around the planet in connection with the installation of smart meters,proposed cell tower installations, wireless systems near and in schools,hospitals,residential areas, health effects of wireless baby alarms, tablets, and DECT phones, and more. The letters I have received can not be overlooked or disregarded.

You may also be aware that I have recently (November 5, 2019) presented my views at the Italian Parliament at a meeting organized by Mr. Maurizio Martucci, Mr. Giorgio Cinciripini, and others; and so I have done several times before; had it not been for the coronavirus/COVID-19 worldwide lockdown I would have visited many countries around the planet already this last Winter, Spring, Summer, and now Autumn.

For many years I have been studying the health effects of wireless gadgets, such as cellphones, WIFi, and similar. My research decades ago was instrumental to determine the old CRT computer monitors were biologically harmful and that’s why we switched them out for the less impactful flat-screen monitors. I also played a similar role in the protection of pregnant women in front of computers.I would point out that children, generally speaking, are more vulnerable to these kinds of radiation exposures.

Wireless communication is now being implemented in our daily life in a very fast way. At the same time, it is becoming more and more obvious that exposure to electromagnetic fields may result in highly unwanted health effects. This has been demonstrated in a very large number of studies and includes cellular DNA-damage (which may lead to the initiation of cancer as well as mutations that carry down generations), disruptions and alterations of cellular unctions like increases in intracellular stimulatory pathways and calcium handling, disruption of tissue structures like the blood-brain barrier (which may allow toxins to enter the brain), impact on the vessel and immune functions, and loss of fertility. It should be noted that we are not the only species in jeopardy, practically all animals, plants, and bacteria may be at stake. For the latter,Taheri et al (2017) have demonstrated that the exposure to 900 MHz GSM mobile phone radiation and 2.4 GHz radiofrequency radiation emitted from common Wi-Fi routers made Listeria monocytogenes and Escherichia coli resistant to different antibiotics. To say this finding is “scary” is a classical English understatement.

Because the effects are reproducibly observed and links to pathology can not be excluded, the Precautionary Principle should be in force in the implementation of this new technology within the society. Therefore, policymakers immediately should strictly control exposure by defining biologically-based maximal exposure guidelines also taking into account long-term, non-thermal effects, and including especially vulnerable groups, such as the elderly, the ill, the genetically and/or immunologically challenged, children and foetuses, and persons with the functional impairment electrohypersensitivity (which in Sweden is a fully recognized functional impairment, and therefore receives an annual governmental disability subsidy).

So, in essence, science is providing ever more convincing evidence that the radiation emitted by our wireless telecommunications systems can affect biological systems including humans and wildlife. These biological effects are acting even at very low exposure levels.

The consequences on health and environment can be all the more serious because:

-exposure is ubiquitous, repeated and/or prolonged,-radiation from wireless technologies is modulated, pulsed, polarized,

-some individuals may be more vulnerable (foetuses, children, sick patients,…), and/or the effects being much more prolonged (foetuses, children),

-exposure is combined with other pollutants (e.g. chemical pollutants).

Damages on health and environment are already noticeable at exposure levels similar to those that are currently met across the planet.

It is clearly not enough just to ensure exposure levels are below WHO recommended levels. WHO recommendations are designed to protect cells from excessive temperature increase successive to a maximal 30 minutes exposure to radiofrequency/microwave radiations. The bases for these recommendations were established in the late 1990s and have not been revised since then, even though:

-wireless technologies have developed very rapidly over the past 20 years,

-exposure pattern has completely changed (ubiquitous, repeated, prolonged exposure, exposure of children, foetuses, etc.)

-considerable scientific progress has been made in the identification of biological and health effects…


READ FULL LETTER : https://app.box.com/s/i12wowsn9kvdevtcu6en5vjzhkhxzarj?fbclid=IwAR2aTLnU_6OHI21AJzDmNV8tykl6L-nMrzIiYLhHcPjXDmbPzVusmVLQaCk

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