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Author: James C Lin


Every few months, if not weeks, another mysterious attack on U.S. diplomatic and intelligence personnel is reported. Some of the attacks occurred years ago, while others were recounted as recently as July 2021 [1] – [3] . Over the past four or five years, nearly 200 U.S. personnel have reported similar attacks while working in places like Havana, Guangzhou, London, Moscow, Vienna, and Washington, D.C. The acute symptoms include headache and nausea immediately following the sounds of loud buzzing or bursts. The illness and symptoms have been called the “Havana Syndrome” after the place where cases were first reported. It refers to the range of symptoms first experienced by U.S. State Department personnel overseas.

PDF The_Havana_Syndrome_and_Microwave_Weapons_Health_Matters

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James C Lin was a commissioner of ICNIRP from 2004 to 2016 and is the first former member to break ranks and speak out against its refusal to acknowledge an RF–cancer risk and call for precaution. See More on Lin HERE

Biden signs Bill to help victims of ‘Havana Syndrome’

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