While we are in the middle of a serious health crisis with Covid-19, the way is being paved for another.

While we are home from work and school, out of work, self-isolating, cocooning, worrying about our health and the health of our family, our livelihoods and futures, telecom engineers are busy on the streets upgrading and installing thousands of 4G, 5G and wireless antennae outside our homes, schools, hospitals etc.  Once turned on, these transmitters will exponentially increase our exposure to microwave radiation that has been proven harmful to health.

This will make people sick.

The Irish Government are allowing this to happen.   They have ignored decades of warnings from scientists, doctors and experts, from thousands of peer-reviewed scientific studies showing harmful health effects to humans, animals, wildlife and our environment from wireless microwave radiation.

Our government have ignored the plight of people suffering with microwave sickness/EHS for decades, refusing to acknowledge their basic human rights.

They have ignored the International Agency for Research on Cancer’s 2011 classification of Wireless Radiation as a Group 2B Carcinogen.

They are ignoring recent studies from USA and Italy showing clear evidence of cancer from 2G and 3G radiation and that courts in Italy have ruled that mobile phones cause brain tumours.

They are ignoring the fact that children absorb more radiation and are most at risk of long-term health problems from exposure to wireless radiation, and that older and sick people are also more vulnerable to health effects.

They are ignoring recent calls from scientists and doctors to halt the roll-out of 5G who have warned that there will be a serious health crisis.

They are ignoring pleas and protests from concerned groups, parents, medical and technology professionals and individuals from all over Ireland to halt the roll-out of more 4G and 5G networks, smart meters and wifi in schools.

The Government are not protecting our health.

While we are at home, streaming conference calls and movies using wifi, whatsapping, instagramming, using smart speakers, and making calls from smart devices and smart phones to keep in contact with our friends and family, we are exposing ourselves and our children to extremely high levels of harmful microwave radiation.

This will make people sick.

In the last week, mobile networks have become congested and slow and the telecom companies are solving this issue by boosting their network capacities – this means that the power has been turned up at base stations and the radiation emitted from masts, antennae and transmitters is considerably stronger in our environment.

[Update 27/3/20] Mobile, broadband suppliers to be given extra radio spectrum . ‘Imperative’ that networks can cope during Covid-19 outbreak, says ComReg

This will make people sick.

People suffering with microwave sickness/EHS are already feeling the effects of this.

Much of the mobile service congestion can be reduced by using a landline instead of a mobile.  Ditch the mobile. Reclaim the landline

Slow internet speeds can be improved by hardwiring computers and smart devices.  Using wifi can actually slow down data transmission. 

Wireless Radiation and the Immune System

“Wireless radiation is one of the many types of environmental pollution that can damage the immune system … Wireless microwave radiation increases the chances that cells will lose their capacity to repair damage that occurs every day as a result of the normal processes of oxidation by increasing oxidative stress. Research has found continued oxidative stress can lead to chronic inflammation.”    Dr Devra Davis, Environmental Health Trust

EMF and Your Immune System: How Radiation Exposure Harms Your Health https://www.shieldyourbody.com/2020/03/emf-immune-system

Research on Wireless Radiation Exposure to the Immune System – Joel M. Moskowitz PhD https://www.saferemr.com/2020/03/wireless-radiation-effects-on-immune-system.html

Evidence For Effects On The Immune System – Olle Johansson, PhD https://bioinitiative.org/wp-content/uploads/pdfs/sec08_2007_Evidence_%20Effects_%20Immune_System.pdf



Start by using a corded landline phone instead of a mobile phone –  This will solve the problem of congested mobile networks, interference and dropped calls.  It is safer, healthier and the reception is much clearer on a landline.

Hardwired internet access is faster, safer and more secure than using wifi.

Hardwire your computer/device by using an ethernet cable (CAT 7) and turning off wifi at the router and the computer. If you don’t have an ethernet cable you can order one here  https://openlogic.ie     and   https://www.ebay.ie

If you must use wifi, turn it off when not in use and ALWAYS at nighttime.

Keep wireless and smart devices out of the bedroom.

Keep Children safe from harmful wireless radiation by putting devices on airplane mode when using them.  Movies can be downloaded and watched in airplane mode.

Watch normal non-smart televisions, or disable wifi and bluetooth on smart TVs and hardwire using an ethernet cable if possible.

Other devices transmitting harmful wireless radiation in the home: Smart Speakers, anything with Bluetooth, wireless earphones, wireless digital hearing aids, Fitbits & trackers, Smart Watches, anything that is controlled from a Smart Phone.


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